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Christmas Lights
Some people can't wait to hang their Christmas lights. In fact, there were houses in our community that took down Halloween decorations and put up Christmas lights that day. Halloween's a little early for me. In fact, Jilda and I usually decorate two weeks before Christmas. We don't have children so we take a Sunday afternoon and mix up a batch of eggnog and put on George Winston's "December" (which is one of the most beautiful Christmas CD's ever recorded in my opinion) and we decorate our tree. We always get a live tree with roots so that we can plant it on New Years.
For a long time, our tree was all silver balls, crystal icicles and white pearl lights. The last few years it seems that everyone has gone to white so we're thinking about doing something different this year.
Maybe we'll use all purple lights. When we painted our front door purple several years ago, our niece Samantha said "you know everyone around here thinks you guys are weird." That was a piece of information that I did not have and I was thankful to her for sharing it with us but I do think it will make a distinctive tree.

Last year we asked people to send in their favorite Christmas story and we had several people who did and I really enjoyed reading them all. I would like to do the same thing this year. So give it some thought and write a few words about your most memorable Christmas. If you have pictures you'd like to share, please send them too.
Have a safe and happy holiday season.

p.s. If you know of a better Christmas CD let me know and I'll post it.


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