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I have exciting news my friends...I had a decent meal today at a restaurant!!! Yesterday (Monday), Pam called and invited me to lunch today (tuesday). She came and got me at 11:30 this morning. When I got down to the lobby Vicky Jackson, another wife was going with us. It's always good to meet new people, especially when they speak English!! We went to the BoJo Market. Pam had to pick up a pair of glasses she was having made. Well when I got there I was almost immediately hooked. I got myself a pair of prescription sunglasses for $45.00. No eye exam, no insurance, no nothing. The men took my glasses off of my head, put them into a machine, the machine spit out my prescription and now they can make me some prescription sunglasses. I can go tomorrow after 3p.m. and pick up my new prescription sunglasses. How cool is that??? Not gonna go tomorrow to pick them up though...I already have something to do tomorrow. LooK at my calendar filling up this week!!! Whooo Hoo!!! I'm a busy girl.

Tomorrow after I go to the jobsite to send you all this email, I'm going to the American Club to have some chicken fingers and fries as it is Wednesday and that's what the kids, david and I do at lunch along with many of the other American workers at the jobsite. It's almost a Wednesday tradition here in Myanmar amongst us folks.
Okay, back to lunch today. We ate at Monsoon Restaurant. You all might have remembered me telling you of this place as I know how much you all read and remember my mile long emails as if they are some kind of gospel. Nate and Danni took us to the Monsoon Restaurant the very first Saturday night after we arrived here. I ordered a salad and let me tell you....I couldn't eat it. I thought I ordered a grilled chicken salad. I couldn't eat it as it smelled too fishy....It was the fishiest tasting/smelling grilled chicken salad I had ever ordered. Needless to say I haven't been back to the restaurant. I just couldn't see myself doing that ever again. Well that's where Pam wanted to go for lunch. So I thought I would give it another try. After looking at the menu and looking at what I ordered the last time, it turns out I had ordered a TUNA and grilled chicken salad. Why would I do such a thing??? I don't eat seafood! That salad smelled just like cat food and now I know why. I'm going to blame jet lag. I did some really strange things during the first two weeks I was here and I don't think I even know half of how strange I really was. Things are still popping up as to how strange those two weeks actually were.
Anyway, today I ordered a Penne Pasta with spicy marinara sauce. This was good. Spagetti with a kick! My mouth was a little bit burning but it was good. I was glad that I tried this place again! Maybe instead of going to L'Opra every Saturday, David, the kids and I can try going back there for something different!!
I also wanted you all to know what was at the jobsite today, one of the workers found a BURMESE PYTHON in one of the buildings that are being built. He showed it to David and several of the other people around the jobsite.
Many of you have asked me about Burmese Pythons. Well, David has finally seen one in the wild. Since David is working on an embassay, it may be a government snake!!! A snake in the US government, how unusual would that be???
ha ha This was an exciting story at our dinner table tonight!! David got a picture of him holding the snake, it was 36" long. I'll try to forward the pic. Hope it turns out well!!!
Hope you all have a good weekend ahead!!! I'll let you know how my sunglasses turn out!! I'm hoping with my newly dark hair and my dark shades maybe I'll look a little more asian and people will quit staring at me!!!


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