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Letters From Myanmar ~ MiMi Is in Town 
Hello all!!! Hope this email finds each and every one of you having a really good weekend!!! We are having the best weekend since being in Myanmar. MIMI IS HERE!!! (Mimi is Mary Lois Watson Dora High School Class of 63) The kids are happy, I'm happy and if the kids and I are happy, David is happy!! Mom is handling jet lag pretty well. She gets sleepy pretty early in the day but has managed to keep napping to a minimum! She was all nervous about flying from airport to airport and finding her way around but she did really well and
managed to get here right on time!
A BIG thank you to Christie, James, Rick and Jilda for helping with Granny so that Mom could come here to visit us. I know you are doing the favor for mom but really The Weldon's are the one's who are benefiting the most. Thank you to Delores and Ben for letting my mail pile up at your house while mom is over here. Thank you Sheri, Tara and Cornell for helping mom get to and out of the Birmingham Airport! Thanks to everyone who put a little something in mom's suitcase for us. You just have no idea how wonderful it is to get things from home!!! My apartment looks very halloweeny thanks to all the cards, candy, flashlights and decorations!!! We really do appreciate everything you all have done!!! I don't wish moving to another country on anyone, however, I truly hope we can repay the favors to you all...
On Friday, after we took Mimi to the jobsite to call home, we picked up David and went to the American Club for lunch. We showed her all around the menu and then took her to the commissary! We showed her up and down the canned vegetable isle, then to the snack foods and after that we took her to the beverage isle! It was very exciting for her as you can imagine! After lunch we came back to the apartment to rest as we don't want to do it all the first day!
On Saturday morning, we got up and I needed bread! Tiny loaves of bread just don't last very long around here. So I told mom we would walk to the little market that is just down the street. We started down the street and I showed mom the local Auto Zone, David's Pharmacy and Bozeman's Associated Foods - Burma style!
Be sure to check out her pictures when she gets home. You really want to see the Burmese equivalent to these stores! We went to the fruit market and bought a fruit. I couldn't understand the name of the fruit but I DID get that it was a melon. So I bought it and brought it back. We cut into it and it was green like a honey dew but tasted a little more like a cantelope! Quite tasty right in the center and very sweet. We picked up our bread and came home to meet david for lunch...
egg salad sandwiches!!! YUM!!
Saturday was big. The Weldon's had been invited to a birthday party. The Weldon's have made friends with The Rogers' from the sixth floor. They are Rick and Moe Moe Rogers. Rick is from Texas and Moe Moe is Burmese. They are married and have two children who are Zach's age. Zach loves to play with them.
Their names are Yan Yan (boy) and Htet Htet (girl). It was their birthday party that we had been invited to. When we RSVP'd, Moe Moe invited mom so we all went. Mom was a little hesitant at first because she felt like she didn't know anyone but I told her that it was a party at the Sedona Hotel and she needed to go to see the Sedona. It's the nicest hotel in Yangon. Public restrooms are okay to use in the Sedona and I don't say that about many places in Yangon, well only two
places to be exact (The Sedona and The American Club). The birthday party was at the Du Fu Chinese Restaurant inside the Sedona. When we arrived, Moe Moe showed us to our table. We were served a 20 course meal! That isn't a type-o!! I said a 20 course meal!!! We sat at a big round table that had a really large lazy susan type turn table in the center. The waitress/waiter started bringing bowls/plates of food. About the minute we turned the table and all got a bite, here they
would come with another dish. Here's the menu...

*Fried Prawn Rolls
*Steamed "Siew Mei"
*Fried Crispy Wantons
*Steamed BBQ Pork Bun
*Deep-fried Vegetable Spring Roll
*Pan-fried Rice Noodle Roll with Shrimp Meat
*Braised Sweet Corn Soup with Minced Chicken and Egg White
*Wok-fried Prawns in Sesame Jacket
*Sauteed Diced Chicken with Sesame Oil in Clay Pot
*Wok-fried Fish Fillet with Leek and Green Chives
*Braised "Ma Po" Beancurd with Minced Meat
*Pan-fried Shrimps, Crab Meat with Scrambled Eggs
*Stir-fried Seasonal Vegetables with Garlic
*Braised Ee Fu Noodles with Seafood
*Fried Rice with Eggs and Vegetables
*Baked Custard Egg Tart
*Fried Sesame Balls
*Assorted Fresh Fruit
*Chinese Tea

One thing that is certain, the chinese food here and the chinese food that you eat at Yi Cuisine in Sumiton are not the same. The chinese food here is not as tasty as what you get in Sumiton. I guess it's all in what you get used to. I'm used to Sumiton and this stuff just isn't as tasty. I can't wait to get home, have I said that yet?
It was unlike any party I had ever been to. The dress code varied. Some of the people were really dressed up, mostly Asian. Most of the people were dress casual. Yan Yan was wearing a nice suit and Htet Htet was in a beautiful white dress and was wearing a tiara. She looked very beautiful. It was an oportunity to try the Chinese food at the Du Fu without having to actually pay for it! There were 200 people invited and Rick, the dad, said that 175 showed. What a party!! It was almost
as big as Zach's birthday party....you know we had cheese pizza from Pizza Corner! ha ha I believe Mom really enjoyed the experience and was glad she went!
After the party was over, in the basement of the Sedona is a bar(O'Malleys)! We all went down into the bar and the band that was singing up on stage sang happy birthday to Yan Yan and Htet Htet and the kids danced. While I was in that bar with my REALLY underage children I just kept thinking about the movie Sweet Home Alabama where she says, "You have a baby...In a Bar" !!! That's me...I had a baby in a bar! ha ha Zach's and Zoe's first time in a bar!!! ha ha
Today, Sunday, since the children were not too hung over from hanging out in the bar until 9:30 p.m. last night, we took Mimi to the Hlawaga Wildlife Sanctuary to see
the monkeys. You haven't lived until you've seen Zoe hang out the window of the truck yelling "Hey Monkey, want nana". She and Zach were feeding the monkeys bananas from the truck. They had a great time and Mom enjoyed watching them. It's just like Cades Cove, except with many, many, many animals everywhere!!
Mom is making videos daily so she's gonna have lots to show when she gets home. We haven't taken mom downtown yet. I figured I would ease her into Yangon life! We will head downtown this upcoming week. I think she's almost ready to go to the Bojo Market!!! Maybe we will try Tuesday or Wednesday!!!
Hope you all have a really good week ahead!!! There's no telling where our adventures will take us. We will keep you posted!!!


PS....4 more Sundays left!!! I can hardly wait....the end is almost in sight!!!

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