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First Christmas I Remember by Dan Nix

Christmas at the Nix house was wonderful. Sharing all the joy with a large family, especially at Christmas is beyond words of expression. I was number nine of ten children; so you can imagine how much attention I received from my older brothers and sisters. The first Christmas I remember, I was only three and half years old, and that was the first Christmas I remember seeing Santa Claus. In those days, Santa came to the big stores in Birmingham, so my mother took me to downtown Birmingham to see Santa.

Seeing Santa in those days is just about the same as seeing Santa now, except they did not take a picture. You had to wait in a long line with your parents waiting and watching proudly. Santa would ask your name and ask what you wanted for Christmas.

As I said, I received a lot of attention from my older brothers and sisters. My oldest brother took pride in teaching me to spell my name in a very clear manner. When it came my time to sit in Santa’s lap, I was very excited. Santa said “Sonny what is your name”. I replied in a loud clear voice just like my oldest brother taught me, spelling my first name –“D A N Bullsh##”. Well, as you can imagine, my mother almost died of sheer embarrassment, and Santa almost HO HO HOED himself to death. My mother and daddy were not very happy with what I said to Santa, and they were even unhappier with my oldest brother. After some corrective measures, I don’t think I spelled my name in that fashion again.

It was not all bad that Christmas. In fact, I was good enough to say a poem in our annual Christmas program at church. I still remember the short but sweet poem I recited that Christmas Eve night. So, this is for you kids of all ages.

Merry Christmas girls and boys
I hope you get a lot of toys.

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