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Happy New Year
New Year's Eve, 1960 by Asa Faith (Bobo) Randolph
What a happy time for all of us that day! No, we did not have egg nog. No, we did not have champagne. I was almost 18; my sister, Johnnie, was almost 10. We had been worried for several months about our mother, Fay. She said that she was too old. She said that she was afraid that we were embarrassed about "the situation." (We were not, of course.)
Daddy took mother to the hospital on December 31, 1960. Johnnie and I stayed at home with our precious grandmother.
When "Mama" received the long distance call, it was just exactly what we had been waiting for. She talked to daddy for a minute and then handed the phone to us. He said, "You girls have a little brother."
Glenn Allen Bobo had arrived. He was a blessing then and continues to be. Happy New Year?? You bet!!
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