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Tommy and Raven Sanders Black (right) and their friend Nicole (left).

Profile: Tommy Black Class of 1996
Name: Thomas Black, living in the Cordova area, I am married to Raven Sanders Black and we have two kids. Sebastian is 3 Years old and Skylar is 5 months old, and graduated in 1996
My favorite High School Memory is probably just getting to hang out with my friends so much. I miss seeing everyone.
Charles Dean was my favorite teacher because he cares so much for each and every one of his students.
The most important thing I learned in High School was to respect myself as well as others. Also to take one day at a time and cherish it. You never know what happens the next.
I am working for Charter Communications currently as well as I have my own site ( www.seasonswilted.com ) that is a music related site. I am still slaving away at the dream of becoming a rock star. 27 years old and I still am foolish enough to believe it is only a matter of time
.My heroes are simply anyone who does whatever it takes to be happy in life. Anyone who takes advantage of their personalities and skills to move forward in life. My influences would be a different story all together....
Growing up I always wanted to be a rock star. Never have lost that dream.
I would want to be remembered as just a good guy. Someone who is there for his friends at all times.
My hobbies are working on my site (reviewing CDs, Interviewing Bands, etc), meeting rock stars (I've met Snoop Dogg, Marilyn Manson, Skid Row, Korn, Vanilla Ice, and tons of others), and writing music. Still the same old thing I did in school I guess.
Below are Tommy and Raven' children; son, Sebastian Lee Black and daughter Skylar Rayne Black


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