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Autumn, My Favorite Time of the Year

Photo taken by Rick Watson
Tomorrow is the first day of Autumn, but I could have told you without looking at a calendar. Jilda and I have cleared a walking path down by our barn and it ambles for about a half mile behind our house. Each year as the weather changes, spiders go to work spinning their webs in anticipation of that first fall catch. I can tell you from first-hand experience, there is nothing that send adrenalin coursing through your body quicker than walking into a big honkin' web with a spider as big as a bat.
I shot this photograph at our barn last fall.
Spider episodes aside, I love this time of year. You got fall festivals, Autumn leaves and football.
I was in the Army with a guy from Boston and we were stationed in Panama....not Panama City, Florida, but the Panama Canal Zone. It was like a sauna the entire time were there. My friend Kirk Trachy's sister sent him a care package from Boston in October and part of that package was autumn leaves. We took them to the beach built a bon fire, roasted hotdog's and we burned some of those leaves. The aroma of burning leaves is etched on my brain like a tattoo.

I'm trying some new starting things. The first, is a message board and it works a lot like a community bulletin board. I got the idea while looking for stories in The Birmingham News about the Dora game at Good Hope. Several Bulldog supporters had posted messages of encouragement and excitement about the team. I thought, why not have them post the notes here for all our alumni to see. So we're going to give it a shot and as long as it's being used and not abused (cursing/ranting/behaving badly) we'll keep doing it. I would also like for people to post notes, thoughts and memories about their favorite teachers, other students, the experience of attending Dora High School or any other topic that suits your fancy. Click on the Message Board Button on the left hand column towards the bottom of the page. Have fun.
The second thing we are doing is a webring. My new friend Hugh Cunningham suggested that we start a webring for those Dora High School alumni that have websites. I thought that was a great idea so I signed up this site and Jilda's site (http://www.jilda.com). If you, have a website that you'd like to put on the webring, contact Hugh to get the scoop.(alabadger@yahoo.com). To visit the ring, click on the button on the left hand column towards the bottom.
Lastly, I'd like to talk a little about the Dora High School Alumni Association. I got a note from Bobbye Wade this week and seemed a little discouraged. She had spoken with someone from the Corner High School Alumni and they told Bobbye that Corner Highs' last alumni banquet had over 400 alumni that attended. Bobbye said the most that Dora had ever had was about 125 people.
I asked myself why. Are the people that graduated from Corner more civic minded or have more pride in their community than the people of Dora/Sumiton/Empire.....I doubt it.
Bobbye says that people have told her their perception was that the Alumni Association was an "exclusive" organization. Nothing could be further from the truth.
I'm marking my calendar now....April 26th (the fourth Saturday in April) for the annual Alumni Dinner and I encourage you to mark your calendar's as well.

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