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Dora High School Awards Day
Students, faculty, and scholarship donors gathered in the Exhibition Hall at Bevell State Community College on Wednesday for Awards Day. Awards and scholarships were presented to a number of outstanding students.

Click here for photos of the event.

Note From Anne Phillips Coston Class of 1977
Since graduating from high school, I have completed my Doctorate in Educational Leadership. I am currently employed as Administrator at Corner Elementary School.
I have three daughters: Virgilia (Jill), 28; Jenafer, 18; and Natalianna (Natalie), 8.
My husband, Jim, went to be with God on September 22, 2004. He coached at Dora High School for several years with Billy Coleman, Joey Jones, Bill Griffin and others. It made me so proud when he began working there, that he immediately loved Mrs. Harris and Mr. Potts, as did I. Now, I can never fully feel that Dora is my school, because Jim made it more his than it ever was mine. In fact, I struggled for identity throughout high school. When Jim came into my life, everyone there knew me. He was special, which made me special. I was "Coach Coston's wife".
My hope is that my classmates will value his/her spouse. We thought my husband was invincible. Eighteen days later he was gone. Jim taught me that every day is precious throughout our 21+ years together. Love unconditionally, put God first, your spouse next, family, church family, .... Then, when hard times come, you will have the strength to look to The Light! In memory of my loving husband, my cousin Randy Smith, other classmates Randy Harrison, Perry Lewis, Rhonda Weldon, and Camilla Corley.
I love you all. Anne

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