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Dora' Park -- A Free Place To Be
By Asa Faith Bobo Randolph
Free in both senses of the word. Costs nothing and give you that "I am free" feeling that is often reserved for children. We all know that children enjoy visiting a park. So does this 63 year-old grandmother.
I grew up in Dora when there was no park. I no longer live in that special town, but recently my grandchildren and I discovered Dora's best kept secret.
On our first visit, with his basketball under his arm, Ross rushed over to the court. This was his way of being free from sitting in a classroom all day.
Carly expressed her freedom from a school day by walking the track with me. She walked briskly - way out in front of me. I walked slowly behind her. I told her that I was lagging behind because I wanted to take in all the natural beauty and the peacefulness. That was a half truth. I was enjoying my idea of being free, but I was also feeling my leg muscles ask, "Girl, what were you thinking?"
After our exercise, the kids took a short bottled water break and then went to the swings and slides. I took a lengthy water break. Sitting in the covered picnic area, good thoughts filled my head as I heard children laughing. I watched mothers pushing little ones in strollers, and parents with toddlers enjoying the playground. I heard happy teenagers playing basketball.
We didn't want to leave, but supper was calling. What a joyous afternoon we had at the park. Yes, the best things in life are free.


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