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Note to Seniors 2005
I've been thinking of encouraging words to tell the seniors of 2005 something that can sustain them when they make their way into the world. I can only relate things from my point of view. So here goes:

If you did your homework in high school, chances are, you'll do well in college and in life. If you partied and had a large time and let the school work slide, as I sometimes did, then you can expect the road to be rockier. If you were ugly to the geeks and nerds in school, it could come back to haunt you....I had a lot of geek friends in school and they turned out to be creatively vengeful. They don't stop at getting even. And a lot of the nerds wound up getting really good jobs because....get this....bosses like really conscientious people and they (the bosses) give you like ZERO points for being a decent

third baseman and having the ability to belch really loud. You might as well not have a really loud car stereo, because they could care less....and they weren't cheap. Having said that, you might want to take a look at mom and dad's checkbook to get a feel for how much it costs to pay the cell phone bill and the light bill because I learned that you can have a great TV with Tivo and 300 cable channels, but if you don't pay the light bill, those things are as useless as a discarded pizza box. Another thing that might take you aback is how much you pay for car insurance....sure you could argue to your friends that those two auto accidents were not really your fault...that old geezer you rear ended actually STOPPED at the stop sign...who could have predicted that....anyway, he should be able to walk one day on that prosthesis with a walker and some intensive therapy.
On a serious note, this is an exciting time to be alive. There are so many opportunities. I recommend that each and every one of you look deep into your hearts and try to see your strengths and weaknesses. Play to you strengths and work on your weaknesses. Learn to do your homework and even though your first impulse will be to run far far away, be kind to your family and don't forget your friends. One day...in a blink of an eye....you'll be looking back through your old yearbooks and reminisce about this time in your life.

Deb and husband Steve far left at the Captain's Table
Deb deValcourt Goes Rollin' on the River
Recentley I was able to live out one of my life long dreams: being able to ride on a steamboat. I told my husband that this was one of my fondest dreams and he went online with one of our friends and together they located a cruise that was a special package deal. The cruise was to be 4 day and three nights aboard the American Queen. It is the largest paddle wheel steamboat ever built. It was beautifully maintained and the people and the workers were real nice. We then embarked, on the steamboat in New Orleans, Friday. Then on Saturday Morning we arrived in Vacherie,
Louisiana and went on the Plantation Tours. Our departure time, from there was 2:00 P.M. We then headed to Baton Rouge, Louisiana and arrived on Sunday. We were in port all day Sunday until 5:00 P.M. We then left going back to New Orleans and arrived there Monday morning. Every time we left, the calliope was playing. While we were onboard we had 3 formal dinners and one of them was the Captains Dinner. The meals were very good and believe me when I say, you had plenty to eat.
I really enjoyed this cruise, I got to see a lot really interesting things, and everything was really nice. Deborah (Parker) deValcourt Click here to see more pictures of Deb's Trip

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