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Veteran's Day 2004
Every Veteran's Day is an important day, and this year is no different. Our country is at war and our troops are engaged in fierce fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. There are hundreds of men and women who graduated from Dora High School that have fought all around the world when duty called. Many of these brave individuals gave their lives so that you and I enjoy life here in America.
Greg Phillips who graduated from Dora in 1966 served in Vietnam and was in a battle in the north part of South Vietnam that was unique in that several soldiers from one platoon received the Purple Heart and four were were decorated with medals of commendation including a Silver Star and the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Greg was asked by the 101st Airborne Division Currahee Association to write about his experience at Fire Base Maureen. He agreed and the article appeared in the organizations magazine. Soon afterward, "The Purple Heart" magazine asked to run the story.
Randy Mills who has written a number of books was writing a book about the battle at Fire Base Maureen and heard about Greg's story and asked permission to use the story in his book. Again, Greg agreed.
When I asked permission to run the story, Greg was a little hesitant. He thought that people might think he was bragging. "A lot of people go through tough times in war," he said. I persisted explaining that I knew of no one who who believe that he was bragging. He finally agreed. I thank all soldiers for serving our country. I especially thank Greg for sharing this story about one of his experiences in Vietnam.

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