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I started scanning yearbooks almost three years ago. I got some books from Dora High, Joe Potts, and Nelson Robinson who had a treasure trove of the older yearbooks. There were a number of other individuals who let me borrow the yearbooks to scan. I want to say a special thanks to those who helped in the scanning - Andrea Creel McClain, Ken Morrow, Asa Faith Randolph, Johnnie Bobo Farris, Lacy Barnett, George Williams and Bill Hatcher. There may have been another helper or two and If I've left your name off please send me a note ASAP.
I also had several generous donations that allowed me to purchase a new scanner when I burned my old one up. I also would like to thank the sponsors for this site that helps me pay the hosting to keep the site up. Please patronize our sponsors and tell them how much you appreciate them sponsoring the Dora High School Alumni website.
These books online provide a window into our past. When ever I read an obit of someone from Dora, I look back through the yearbooks to see if I can find their photo. It helps paint a better picture in my mind of their time here.
When the new 2006 yearbook comes out, I'll scan and post it too. Enjoy.
Click here to see the 2003 Yearbook


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