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Dora High Loses Two Graduates from the Class of 2009
I had to work last Saturday night and when I came to my exit in Hoover, the Day's Inn was awash in blue and red flashing lights. I inched by and said a silent prayer that no one was hurt.
It wasn't until the next day that I first heard about the deaths of Alondan Turner and Cathrene Ann Muse on Facebook from my friend Don Fewell. He had heard they died in the fire at Day's Inn in Hoover.
I could tell by the note that he was in shock. He knew both girls from his work as a photographer.
I later learned that both girls graduated from Dora High back in May and my heart sank. I did not know either of the girls personally but taking pictures at football games, I saw the girls often.
Both girls enrolled at Mississippi State and had come home to go shopping with two other friends, which is why they were at Day's Inn in Hoover.
The papers are saying an immigrant from India who lived in a ground floor room below the girls was burning incense as a part of a religious ceremony. He left the room for about thirty minutes and when he returned, the building was in flames.
The girls dialed 911, but the building, which was built in the sixties before state fire code required fire sprinklers, was engulfed in flames, trapping the girls on the second floor.
It is always difficult to report the loss of any graduate from Dora High, but when we lose two young people with so much promise; so much life yet to live, it is truly heartbreaking.
Please keep the family of these young women in your thoughts and prayers.

Catherine Ann Muse

Alondan Turner


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