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Happy Birthday America
I would like to take this opportunity to wish America a Happy Birthday. I think the 4th of July is an excellent time to reflect on our great country – where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re headed.
Where we’ve been is a remarkable story. The recent HBO mini-series on John Adams brought into focus the incredible good fortune America had by having the caliber of men and women who all came together for a common goal - the birth of America. I am humbled when I think about all they sacrificed so that we can enjoy our life here.
Thinking about where we are is not as much fun. Access to healthcare, the environment, education, and the war in Iraq are troubling issues that need serious attention. We as a country are selling our souls to China - finding something “Made in America” is rare.
The price of gas forces people to make serious decisions – like whether to eat or buy gas, or which kidney to sell in order to buy the next tank.
I saw a letter to the editor recently that explained it all. The reason gas is so high is because the democrats have polices that forces the price up. I’m sure if I had read further, another writer would accuse the republicans of mismanagement and other tomfoolery.
The fact is there are many complicated reason for the price of gas. The emerging oil thirsty economies of China, India and Korea have dramatically increased the demand for fuel. As anyone who has ever taken basic economics understands that when demand goes up and the supply remains constant, the price will go up. You can validate this fact by checking the current prices of waterfront property on Smith Lake.
Another reason is that Americans have been blasé about the emerging oil crisis. When all the foreign car makers were building hybrids, and making their cars more fuel efficient, American manufacturers stuck their heads in the sand. Why did they do that – because when the going gets rough, we Americans buy Hummers and other gas guzzling vehicles.
So where are we headed? Again, there is a lot of debate. I read on the Internet (so it must be true, right?) that if Obama wins the presidency he is changing the motto of our country to “In Allah We Trust.” I also have it on good authority that if elected, he plans to replace all the Gideon Bibles at the Jameson Inn with Korans.
I read that if McCain is president, he plans to send all Mexicans (including Puerto Ricans and Cubans) back to Mexico whether they were born here or not. Another email said that he has an illegitimate child and has an unnatural affection of farm animals. OK, you know I’m making this up, but a lot of the stuff we are hearing is just as absurd.
The extreme factions on both sides of the political landscape are relentlessly pulling in opposite directions and common sense has become a thing of the past.
Back during WWII, we faced what seemed like insurmountable odds, but as a nation, we all pulled together for the common good.
I think America is approaching a crossroads. We can continue divided and self destruct or we can head down a new path. We can find common ground and use common sense to forge a new reality – a new direction and a new future for America.
My prayer for America on her two hundred and thirty second birthday is that we take the latter path.


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