Close Call for Taylor the Blunder Dog
Jilda and I don't have kids so please humor me. We have dogs. We only have one dog of our choosing and that would be Taylor. She's named after my guitar....don't ask why. The rest are dogs that were abandoned except for Buddy which belonged to my mother-in-law and came to us when she could no longer care for him.
Taylor is a dump dog. That's where I found her several years ago when she was a puppy. Her previous owners had dropped her off by the side of Empire road where she stayed faithfully waiting for their return. That didn't happen. I saw her there and figured she had simply wandered off and became lost. But after a few days in August it became apparent to me that no one was coming to fetch her so I stopped and picked her up. She was nasty, and half starved and very reluctant to go with me, but finally I caught her and put her in the truck and carried her home. Jilda was surprised because it is usually her that is a softie for animals. Taylor has been with us ever since.
Last Tuesday Taylor didn't come home which is not too unusual because she has wandered off for a day or two in the past. She didn't come back on Wednesday either and we became concerned because we had to go out of town overnight on Wednesday. We called for a long time that evening before we left. I had a sinking feeling but I still had not given up hope. When we got back home late Thursday evening I expected to see her run up to greet us but she didn't.
We had already alerted our neighbors to keep a watch out for her, and a quick call to them on Thursday night proved fruitless.
On Friday morning I decided to go for a walk down behind our barn to see if I could find her. After a few minutes of walking I heard a faint cry. It didn't sound like a dog...not sure even how to describe it. I moved quickly toward the muffled sound. Down in the hollow behind our house in a tangle of saw briers and poison ivy, I came upon a hole in the ground and barely visible at the opening was a pair of dog legs. She had been chasing a rabbit or an armadillo and climbed too deeply into the hole. She was stuck there and had been for three days. I tried to pull her out but she was really stuck. I dug with my hands but was making little progress. I ran back to the house and got a shovel and after a long while, I was able to free her. She was literally dying of thirst.
I called for Jilda as we made our way home and she cried when she saw Taylor waddling back into the yard. Taylor must have drank two gallons of water. After a while, she ate and she slept for most of the day and night but it looks like she will make it.
I hope she learned her lesson, but only time will tell.