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Like most Americans, I can remember within a foot of where I was when terrorists attacked New York and Washington. Even as I heard the words "a plane has hit the World Trade Center" my mind tried to conjure up the picture. I kept thinking it must have been a small plane.
I was in a training class in Birmingham and the news spread like a wildfire with each update being worse than the last. I had no point of reference. How could anybody take control of an aircraft full of innocent people and intentionally fly it into one of the largest buildings on the planet? I could not begin to imagine.
And as I heard the stories of horror, my mind went numb...and as I heard the stories of the hero's, I could not stop the tears...no matter how hard I tried.
Before September of last year the only picture that came to my mind when I heard the words 9-11 was of a Porsche sports car...a car that I've always dreamed of owning, but now as I hear those words, I become very sad.

Our world has changed. I read somewhere that there has been a trend away from luxury purchases....people are spending their money on their homes and spending more time at home and in their community. I think that this trend is one reason, our website has been so well received. People are comforted by a connection to community and to the people here...to a time when the worst news was that we lost to Cordova.
I know that time will heal the wounds, but I doubt that I will ever forget where I was on September 11th, 2001.

Below is a song that Jilda and I wrote and it got recorded by Tracy Lea Reynolds who is an Americana Artist. The record is scheduled to be released January 2003. It seems fitting for this occasion.

The Storm Brings Out The Eagle
When the horizon fills
with clouds of the storm
Small Birds seek their refuge
When thunder rolls and the wind is born
The weak await the deluge
But the storm brings out the Eagle
To challenge the wind and the cloud
Yes the storm brings out the Eagle
Soaring high and free and proud
Defiantly facing the fury
Determined to see it through
May all the storms of your life
Bring out the Eagle in you

When your trials are many and your triumphs are few
And your fire’s burn down to an ember
When your spirit grows weary,
And you're lost and confused
There's something that you should remember

CPRT.rick and jilda watson , Cupit Music




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