The Old SchoolBack to School
It seems to me that kids are getting ripped off these days. Back in the old days when we got out of class in mid May, we didn't go back until after Labor Day. I'll be first to admit that I had forgotten almost everything I had learned the year before, but I had enough time off to get a good tan. Since the old Dora High was not air conditioned, it would have been cruel and unusual punishment to head back in August. It would have been a sauna.
I do miss the "back to school" excitement. Scurrying around buying a few new clothes, notebooks, pencils, and stuff. I loved the smell of the school.....not the lunchroom, but the halls and class rooms. The chemical they put on the heart-pine floors to help preserve the wood smelled good to me.
I know that the chemical is probably something that would make you grow an extra hand out the side of your head if you come in too close a contact with it and was probably banned by the EPA years ago, but I love how it smelled. I also like the excitement of seeing my old friends to see what they'd done over the summer.
Now days back-to-school is big business. The weeks prior to the start of school, my Sunday paper weighed about 18 pounds from all the adds. These days, according to the sale papers, the back-to-school essentials are different. You got your designer, tennis shoes and backpack, your pack of gel pens with 100 different colors, colorful new skins for your cell phone, digital mini recorders to record class lectures, and digital personal assistants with color screen and instant messaging to help you keep track of your schedule and to communicate with your friends who are in Biology in the next classroom. What happened to writing your schedule down on your notebook with a pencil and catching up with friends during lunch?
I'm going to shut up now because I'm starting to sound like my mother. But I did want to say I am a little envious of the kids. While I always loved the summer, I love the fall and heading back to school. I enjoyed the activities, and I liked being around my friends. But I enjoyed learning too and if there is one thing that I've learned since leaving Dora High School, it is that your education is not over when you leave those's just beginning. Every day is a school day.