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The Changing Seasons
It won't be long now until the heat of summer is behind us and cool fall evenings will send us scurrying for quilts and blankets. I love the fall for a number of reasons. Walking through the woods when the air is crisp is a joy that cannot be purchased. Another reason I love the fall is football...high school and college. It looks like the Bulldogs will be returning a ton of talent from last year and the spirits are high. Dora did move into a higher classification this year so the competition will most likely be a good bit stronger, but I have a feeling that Coach Wright will have our kids ready to compete.
Another thing I look forward to in the fall is the smell of burning leaves. When my friend Kirk Trachy who lives in New Hampshire and I were in the Army in Panama, he had is sister mail him a shoe box full of dried maple leaves and we sat on the beach one night in October and burned the leaves. As we lay back in the sand and looked up into the heavens, the smell of burning leaves took us back home for a short while.

A Note From Asa Faith Randolph
Rick's writing about burning leaves caused a spark of emotion in me. This feeling relates to my father (Asa Bobo) and pine straw.
Daddy was an Army recruiter in Jasper when I was in the first grade. There was only one thing I liked about living in Jasper. On a hillside by our house, we were fortunate to have tons of pine straw. If you had some good pieces of cardboard, you were all set for some good sliding. My friend, Sadie (Best) Clem and I would go down that hill for hours. And -- that wonderful smell of the straw -- I can recall that aroma vividly.
Also, during the Vietnam War, my son and I spent a summer with my aunt in the "almost treeless" city of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Daddy came to drive us back to Alabama. When I first started seeing pine trees, I knew that Daddy, Bunker, and I were almost home. I could not help but wish that my son's father could see pine trees and smell pine straw over in Vietnam.
Nature and family memories -- I have been blessed.


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