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Christmas Time, Slow Down and Enjoy
Christmas can be a stressful time of year, but this year something is different. I was able to tune out the Christmas music on Halloween and I avoided stores that started putting out decorations and lights the first week of November. We took my niece Samantha shopping the second week of November and when the radio started to play a Christmas song, she quickly changed the station. She said "they need to give the Turkey his day." I thought those were profound words coming from a 15 year old...and I could not agree more. So, I simply tuned it out until after Thanksgiving.
The Friday night after Thanksgiving, Jilda and I put in "The Bishop's Wife" which is one of my favorite Christmas movies. The following night, we watched "Miracle on 34th Street"...the old black and white version not the newly updated colorize version. I still get a lump in my throat when the little Dutch girl sits in Santa's lap. The little girl's adoptive mother doesn't want to get the child's hopes up, because she "knows" that an imitation Santa could not possibly speak Dutch...but the little girls believes. When Santa starts talking to the child in Dutch, I choke up...I don't know why. I hope the people at work don't read this because I know they'll call me a wus, but I don't care. It's the truth.
On Sunday morning, we arose and cranked up the fireplace, brewed some Gevalia Coffee, got the Sunday paper and listened to George Winston's "December". It is one of the most beautiful Christmas CD's (piano only) I have ever heard.
So this year instead of being stressed about buying gifts, and fretting over all the crazy things that you do before Christmas...we slowed down and took time to enjoy the simple things.
I read an article today that talked about kids and Christmas. It said that 20 years from now, your kids will not remember the presents you buy them, but they will remember, the things you do, games you play , and the quality time you spend with them. Some things cannot be bought. So go down to the video store and rent "It's a Wonderful Life", pop up some popcorn and enjoy a few hours of quality time with the most precious people on earth...your family.


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