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Autumn is Upon Us
I was driving down the road yesterday and came upon these yellow daisy's. I'm sure they probably bloom at other times of the year, but I only seem to notice them in Autumn. The first small hint of cooler weather, the slight turning of the leaves, always sends me scurrying for the cedar chest to unpack my long sleeve shirts and sweaters. Soon I'll be cleaning out the fireplace and raking mountains of Autumn leaves. I love this time of year.
I remember one autumn Jilda and I had the privilege of driving the Blueridge Parkway on our way up to visit our friends in Virginia. The weather was beautiful and it seemed you could see for miles. We stopped at a roadside stand and bought apples picked that morning.
Walking through the woods in Virginia that day, you could smell wood smoke from the fireplace of a mountain cabin and it felt like we were in heaven.
In a few weeks, we will drive north to Mentone to see the trees of Alabama put on a spectacular show for everyone lucky enough to be here and wise enough to take a few minutes to enjoy this simple pleasure.
I'd like to do a photo contest this year. Dust off your camera and send me your best shot. I'll post the photos on the website. I'd also like to hear about your favorite Fall memory.
Rick asked for a fall memory. My mother did not like the season. It made her sad - the trees about to look forlorn, the dead leaves. I have never forgotten that. But - ironically - today I read what Rick said, and then I read my horoscope. It said that I could access advice from angels. I sat on my back porch, looked at the dead leaves and the forlorn-looking trees, and my angel (Mother, I'm sure) told me to be happy - even in the fall. Asa Faith
Rick asked about sharing favorite fall memory's.
This isn't exactly a "memory" but I would like to share just why fall is my favorite season.
I look at the leaves as they began to change from green to many shades of red and orange, and finally giving away to a brown. As I look at these Beautiful colors it reminds me that Only God can make something dying so vibrant and beautiful.
Happy Fall Y'all, Sherry C/O '86

My favorite fall memory was in 1990. I was becoming a very young mother and I was terrified. On a trip to the doctor one fall day my mom said"When the leaves come back and all is green we will have a baby to hold." That made the gray fall day a lot brighter. I always look at the changing leaves and think of the promise that they would soon be green again and there will be life.
Also every year since my first child was born my mom and I try to make it to drive around and look at leaves togehter. One day that will be my favorite fall memory I am sure. Wanda Bussey

Zack and Zoe Weldon Enjoying Autumn
This photo was taken by my "old" sister Mary Lois Capps. The kids are Zack and Zoe, the son and daughter of David Weldon and Danielle Capps Weldon. Their grandparents are Joe and Elaine and Mary Lois and the James Earl Capps.
They traveled to the mountains this past weekend and she reports that a good time was had by all.


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