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Self Help Books - The Commuter's Friend
I became interested in self help books, tapes, and seminars several years ago while working at BellSouth. They spent a great deal of time and money training their people and they had a great library full of books on tape. Since I drive an hour (each way) to and from work, I had a lot of free time to spare so I invested my time in listening. I have listened to hundreds and hundreds of books. Fiction, biographies, non-fiction, history, language and self help.
Some of my favorite authors of self help books are, Earl Nightingale, Wayne Dyer, and Jim Rohn.
Jim wrote a book called The Art of Exceptional Living that is a great set of tapes. I've listened to it no less than 10 times. It teaches you some fundamentals to live by and I have found them invaluable.
I have also enjoyed Earl Nightingales books and tapes. Earl was one of the first Self Help authors to have a daily radio show which broadcasted from Chicago. He gives no nonsense techniques to improve your finances, your health, and your relationships.
Zig Ziglar is another giant in the Self Help field. He was a master salesman and he gives very good tools on how you can improve not only your income and finances, but your life.
A great place to browse Self Help books is at Nightingale Conant Online store.
With the New Year rapidly approaching, I recommend that you consider a Self Help book to get it started right.

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