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Summer's Almost Upon Us
Kids live for this time of year. They get up early from August until May and spend their days hacking through class work which at times can be a drudge. Then in the middle of May school is out and everyone scatters like marbles on a hardwood floor.
I asked a bunch of kids what they looked forward to most and without fail they said "I will get to sleep late!!!"
I too love summer but for much different reasons. I really don't like cold weather much because the older I get the more I find that it makes my joints hurt. But you can do more in Alabama in the summer. You can swim, water ski, you can fly fish, you can go to the beach.....man do I love the beach. When I was just out of high school I was working a night job in Pinson and going to Jeff State during the day and that first summer I went to Panama City on vacation. The Miracle Strip. Was that a great place or what. Jilda's family had been going down there for years and they always stayed at Quinn's Cottages Laguna Beach which was west of the strip. I met her down there that summer and we hung out at the Carousel and the Sea Horse which were hang outs for all the kids. The gulf in June is like bath water and as green as emeralds.

For years it was called the Redneck Riviera, but you know what???? there sure are a lot of yankees there now. So many in fact that all the small low rent cottages and teen hang outs have been sold to hugh investment companies for condo that reach to the sky. The last time I went through Laguna Beach I didn't recognize it.
This summer, Jilda and I plan to take a quick trip to the beach at Blue Mountain which is near Seaside. But we also plan to go to North Carolina for a short visit. Jilda will go to a Yoga retreat and I plan to do a little fly fishing up around Boone, North Carolina. I hear the fishing is great. I know the streams are nice because we visited our friend Tommy Wilson who is a newspaper publisher in that area. We spent several days hiking, picnicking and taking pictures. It's a beautiful place.
I hope you all have a great summer and do something that's fun
Rick .

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