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Some of the younger alumni probably don't remember the old Dora High School but it's a place I'll never forget. The floors were treated with some kind of oil so that they wouldn't rot. The walls had a dark wainscoting half way up and in the entrance way was a plaque of honor with the names of men who served in the military with a little star by the names of those who died.
There was so much grass around that old school, that by the time they finished the front, it was time to cut Watkins Field, and on and on. The result of that was that you always had the smell of fresh cut grass. To this day, when I smell fresh cut grass I think of that school. As I write this I realize that the "New School" was built in the late 60's and the Class of 1970 was the first to graduate from there. This means the "New School" is 33 years old.
I do plan to shoot photos of the new school and I'll post those soon.
The stories and essays about Mr. Gant can be accessed by clicking on the Past Stories link on the column to the left.
A Short Note about Mr. Gant: One hot summer day when I was about sixteen, I was about to go in Allbritton's store in my usual hot-weather attire -- bermuda shorts, sleeveless shirt, and, of course, I was barefoot. (I was almost always barefoot.) Sitting on "The Bench" right beside the door was Mr. Gant. He said, "Asa Faith, ladies don't go out in public without their shoes on." I went home tearfully and when I told Mother that he hurt my feelings, she replied in her typical "Fay" manner, "So, your feelings are hurt. Get over it! Mr. Gant was teaching you a lesson in respectability." As I sit here now at my computer, I am, of course, barefoot. But, Mr. Gant, if you can hear me in that section of Heaven named Respectability, I want you to know that I wear shoes when I go out in public. And --- I hope that God has an Allbritton bench for you to sit on. Asa Randolph, DHS class of '61


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