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You Are Where You're Supposed To Be
Driving home the other night the moon was as bright as a spotlight in the sky. Back when I was young and wild, I used to love driving on summer nights with a full moon. I would turn off the headlights on my old Chevy, roll down the windows and fly like a maniac
off into the night. It's a miracle I'm still alive. I guess I've always had a guardian angel riding with me and I am thankful for the protection they offer.
I read somewhere about a list of people that did not die in the World Trade Center attack. One man's alarm clock did not go off. Another guy spilled coffee on his suit and had to go back and change clothes which cause him to miss his ride and he was late. One woman had to stay home with a sick child and another stopped to pick up doughnuts for her office when tragedy struck.
I now try to think about this when I get behind someone driving 50 miles an hour in the left lane of the interstate or when someone dallys around and slows down just enough so that you can't make the green light and you have to wait an extra minute or two. Instead of stewing and cranking my blood pressure up a few notches, I simply take a deep breath and say thanks because I know that I am where I'm supposed to be.

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