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Dora High School 9th Grader Just Want's to Dance
Will the Thrill just started to Dora High School this year, but already he his finding his niche. He danced at several of Dora's Dora Pep Rallies and delighted the crowds. "People ask how I learned to dance like I do…..It may sound a bit odd, but I watched great performers on video," he explains. "I would put the dancers in slow motion and that's how I I learned how to moonwalk."
"These pep-rallies have been the first that I have performed for an audience. I have been trying to raise interest in talent shows at Dora High School because performing is something I like to do," he says. Will The Trill (William Justice) hopes to do a dance at next years homecoming parade. Will says that he was just an average student before coming to Dora. He said he always managed to make at least one C on his report card. But after coming to Dora, he was inspired by the teachers and is now on the A-B student. I was rank 16/149 on my last report card.
When asked what made him want to dance, he says that seeing Michael Jackson on his 30th anniversary concert, he was inspired.
"When I saw the spinning, kicking, and Moonwalking, this person really inspired me." Will thinks Michael is going through some tough times right now but considers him innocent until proven guilty. Will also says that Usher has had an impact on him to o..
I asked Will what he wanted to do when he grows up and he responded this way:
When I grow up, I want to first attend Manhattan School of Music of New York, get a masters degree, and major in Music! I would like to open a studio and teach; Music, Theory, Music History, Piano, and Maybe a little bit of dancing. I do not plan to live in New York for the rest of my life, I may just teach up there for about 7 years then eventually will move back to Alabama and teach down here.!
Will sends thanks to Ann Prestridge, Sheila Wright, Erin Hufstedler, the Danceline and Cheerleaders for their help and encouragement. "If it weren't for them , I probably would not be performing at DHS… THANK YOU!*)"
WILLIAM JUSTICE - Will the Thrill
E-MAIL ADDRESS - WilltheThrillDHS@aol.com
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