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Dawgs Take Two From J.B. Pennington by Joe Moon
It was a great night for the 'Dogs on Thursday. They take a double-header from the J. B. Pennington Tigers, 4-2 and 11-10. The pitching was a little better on this night. One big highlight of the evening was a 2-run homerun by Jorge Williams, over the 350-foot sign in centerfield. Also, with 2 runners on and down 10-9 in the bottom of the 7th, Chase Moon delivers a 2-run game-winning double to left-center. There has been a change in the schedule, Dora's game with Corner will be played at Corner instead of Dora. Dora's field will have sprinklers put in for the new grass infield to be installed.

The class of 1978 is now planning a 25 year reunion for Saturday August 30. Anyone interested in helping plan the reunion can contact Rusty Williams at (205) 648-6485 or email at Rustyman0@aol.com.

Words To Live By by Rick Watson

I love old books and each time we go into an antique store, Jilda goes straight for the jewelry, records, and china. I go for the books. Every now and then I'll come across a stash of old books and it's like finding treasure.
Back several years ago, I was the president of the Telephone Pioneers Riverchase Chapter which was an organization whose purpose was to raise money for charity. I started a program to raise money for the needy. The program was one that accepted donations of old books and magazines and we would resell them. It was quite popular. Many people brought their books and magazines to be sold.
One day a guy with whom I worked asked me to bring a cart and meet him at the front steps of our building. I complied and he unloaded two large boxes of old books. It seems a great aunt had died and left her belongings to him and he took all the books he wanted and donated the rest to the Pioneers for charity.
When I started going through the boxes, I couldn't believe my eyes. There was a Penguin Pocket book "The Wit and Wisdom of Benjamin Franklin", several books by Shakespeare, books on Greek Mythology, "Porgy and Bess", a book by Mark Twain, 20,000 "Leagues Under the Sea", and a book by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

When I opened the book by Longfellow, it fell to the page with my favorite poem by him:

Lives of great men all remind us
We can live our lives sublime
And in passing leave behind us
Footprints in the sands of time.
I bought almost everything in the boxes. Those books were a gift!

A few months ago, I was browsing through old books at the Jemison Trade Barn and I came across several books that looked interesting and I picked them up for $1.50 each. This past Sunday I was looking for something to read while I drank my coffee on the porch. I chose a book I had purchased at Jemison and the title of the book was "Words To Live By."

This book is a treasure indeed! It was published in 1959 and is based on a magazine by the same name. The book is a compilation of short essays by people both famous and unknown. The common denominator is powerful words on a wide range of subjects.
S everal essays moved me. One in particular, was written by Dorothy Van Doren and the title was "Do You Want to Be Wise? Rich? Famous? The quote upon which this essay was written was based on a Spanish Proverb and reads; "God says: Take what you want and pay for it!" Those words stuck in my brain like a tattoo. The essay says that if you want to be famous, spend a majority of your waking hours in pursuit of fame but know that on the other side of the scales are the things you must give up while in that pursuit. "Is it riches you want? Think about money every day, study it, give your life to it, and the balance will be weighed with gold--but at the cost of other things." The bottom line is that everything has a price. The book says that we are familiar with this concept for each time we buy a hamburger, a can of tomatoes, or a bit of cheese, we pay our bill and they put the goods in a bag.
"So with the balance of our lives: on one side, our heart's desire; on the other side of the scales, the reckoning. When the scales are even, you may take out what you have bought. Sometimes the price seems high. But remember, you must pay for the character and quality of your goal as well as for the achievement of it. The law is simple and it is just; you may have what you want---but you must pay. Nothing is free."
As I read these words, I was amazed at their power. I play guitar and the more I learn, the more I realize I don't know squat. I've always dreamed of being a great guitar player and now I realize that in fact I can achieve this dream, but there is a price.....hours of practice and study. It's up to me to decide what I must sacrifice in order to attain that dream.
These indeed are words to live by, nothing is free.

Patricia Hall Gant is trying to track down members of the Dora High School Class of 57. If you are a member or know of a member, please contact Patricia at patg@southlakeorthopaedics.com or call her at 205-648-6397.
Take a look at this photo and see if you can guess who these folks are. Send your guess to rick@dorahighschool.com.
Marilyn Best Tadlock would like to know if anyone knows how she can get a replacement for her Diploma cover that was damaged. If anyone knows how she can get a replacement, please contact her at joesgardengirl@charter.net


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