Mary Robinson McGinnis Class of 51


Bill Hatcher Class of 59
Hi: I am Billy Hatcher and I graduated in 1959.
I currently live at Drummond Switch (Empire) and have for the past 34 years. I have been retired since July 2001. I really love and enjoy each day that I wake up and see my ceiling; lets me know that I'm still alive. I am truly thankful for each day that I have on this wonderful place we call earth. I have been married, but am not currently and do not plan on it in the future!
I worked for the State Department of Transportation for 14 years and then as a federal civil service employee assigned to the Alabama Army National Guard. I worked a total of 42 years and think that I have earned the right to retire.
As you can see from my picture I enjoy my two hobbies; wood working and making wine from my muscadines, blueberries and blackberries that I grow. I had two favorite teachers and they were Mrs. Josephine Andrews and Mrs. Eunice McMichen. (I think that I remember Mr. Andrews calling Mrs. Andrews "Madame Queen").


Bill was born on July 8, 1941 and passed away on Friday, March 1, 2019. Bill was a resident of Empire, Alabama at the time of passing. He was a graduate of Dora High School, class of 1959, where he was a proud member of the Dora Bulldog football team. He was a retired U.S. Army Master Sargent. A Memorial service will be held on a date to be announced.

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