Bill Strain Class of 1952 Open Kayak Business in Downtown Sumiton



On Graduation Day in May of 1952, Bill Strain went looking for a job at Sears in Birmingham. The Korean War was raging and Bill got drafted. He didn't have to go to Korea and after he served his time, he came home and got married and got a job with International Harvester.
He later got a job with the Alabama Highway where he worked until he retired.
In April of 2006 he and his son Mark decided to open a Kayak business. "Mark was doing landscaping but he came to me saying he wanted to do something else," Bill explained. So they threw in together and opened Dixie Kayak Fishing. in downtown Sumiton. Their phone number is 205-648-5463.
"We've done pretty good here," Bill says. "One customer came in to buy a Kayak but he was unsure if he could use a Kayak because he weighted in excess of 300 pounds. Bill loaded the Kayak up and went to the Warrior River and the guy got in and paddled off."
"The customer told me that he's fished a lot more since he got the Kayak because it is much easier to handle and so much cheaper to operate," Bill says.
Bill invites all his old classmates and anyone else to run by Dixie Kayak downtown and catch up on old times.

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