Amber Chambers Completes Basic Training



A Note from Amber's Mother Kristy Chambers
As you know, being a proud parent of such wonderful kids, I felt like I wanted to share with you about Amber Chambers, my oldest daughter. She is a graduate of Dora (2005). She was extremely active in Softball and Basketball. I don't know how many people know, but I feel the need to share this with you. You have on your web site about the names of soldiers in Iraq and the cost of the war. She joined the Army in January of this year and she graduated from Basic Training in the top 10% of her platoon in April and today, we went to Ft. Benning Georgia to watch her graduate from Airborn school. Her title is 92 Romeo. She left after graduation today headed to Ft. Lee Virginia for her AIT. I believe that stands for Advanced Individualized Training. From there she could be stationed at Ft. Bragg NC or Ft. Benning GA. Deployment to Iraq has been talked about. I would like for you and everyone else to pray for her. She accepts the fact that she could go over there. She believes when she signed up to do this, it was a possibility of deployment to Iraq. I am just so proud of her and all that she has accomplished but as a mother I am afraid for her. Please just pray for her that God will give her the strength and wisdom she needs.

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