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A Modern Day Fairy Tale by Lauren Rooker

A Modern Day Fairy Tale by Lauren Rooker
Once upon a Christmas time at Mobile’s beautiful Bellingrath Gardens, a nervous Prince Charming dashed around on some suspicious quest while dragging his curious princess behind him.
As you might have guessed, I’m the princess and Prince Charming was my boyfriend Steven Morrow. By this time, I was getting a little
frustrated. I had been promised an enchanted evening of walking arm and arm, and watching the lights sparkle like diamonds. Boy, was I wrong! We flew through the entrance and he pulled me to the first available bench. As I got settled, he said, “Let’s move. It’s so crowded here.” I questioned his motives, but got no reply. We hopped about from bench to bench. Was my prince really a toad? What was going on? He headed for the pond and spyed his final destination, a quiet bench for two overlooking the water. As we sat down, he took out a Bible from a box he had been carrying.
I wasn’t too surprised because books and Bibles had always been a common gift from him. But something was different.
He asked me to open to the front cover of the Bible, where he had written a letter of devotion to me. The letter also sent me on a scripture search through the Bible. Finally, when I reached thelast
scripture those four big words was written at the bottom of the page:
Would I marry him? After three years of dating and falling deeper in love with those big hazel eyes, of course I would marry him!
I slowly looked up from the Bible, and there was my prince charming on his knee holding a little black box. He slipped the diamond ring on my finger and tears began to roll down our cheeks. We sat on the bench for a while in a loving embrace, as though nothing else around us existed.

Well, I thought that was the end, but of course it’s just the beginning. With all of our plans for the future, we decided to wait until I graduated from nursing school in 2005 to get married. Last July
we set the date, and all the preparation began. Flowers and caterers and music – oh my! If only there was a yellow brick road leading to all my answers. But no such road exists. Thank God for the Internet! So now the countdown begins:
n August 2004 - After searching near and far I found it! A strapless masterpiece in ivory with hand-beaded pearls and a train fit for royalty.
n September 2004 - After years of dreaming of being wed outdoors, we found the stunning Rose Garden where the fairy tale would be complete. n December 2004 - Now to choose maids for my court, this would be easy since there are so many beautiful friends and family members that would
be willing to stress out by my side.
n January 2005 - What music could compare to the beauty of the Rose Garden? A violinist? No, I think something bigger. A harpist? Yes, a heavenly harp fit for an angel.
So, you have a brief glimpse of what I’ve been up to. On top of all of this, I’m trying to become a nurse and also support Steven in his ministry and church obligations.
The list is still long and there is so much left to do. Sometimes I wish there were two of me. One to meet with the DJ and harpist, and the other to have my dress altered and meet with the caterer. I also have
to finalize my guest lists,and buy some stunning shoes and jewelry fit for a princess. Oh, to be a groom,wouldn’t that be easy. Soon the fairy tale will be complete. My dreams are in sight and in
only five short months I’ll be Mrs. Steven Morrow. Wow, Lauren Morrow, doesn’t that sound nice!
None of my wedding fantasies could ever be realized without my family.
There is my caring dad, Mark, who could always make his little girl laugh. Secondly, my mom, Vanessa, whose love compels her to make me a princess on my big day. Next there is my Granny, Betty, without whose love and support my day would not be as special. Also this day would not be complete if it wasn’t for Steven’s parents, Bill and Teresia Morrow, who instilled Christian values into their son, and for all of
their love and support for our relationship. And finally, the other special guy in my life, my 10-year-old brother, Kixx, the funniest and cutest groomsmen ever! I love them all so deeply. Don’t forget the
handsome Prince Charming, Steven, who definitely is not a toad. I love him more every day and can’t wait to say “I do.” In conclusion, I have a little advice to all the lucky ladies who will be brides soon. First, take on each day as it comes. Secondly, if a problem arises, take a deep breath and laugh, and remember it is only one day. Also, buy a big wedding planner and write every idea down. And
lastly, it may be stressful, but have fun! All fairytales, yours and mine, should have a good ending. So live happily ever after.
Steven's mother graduated from Dora in 1970; Lauren's mom graduated from Dora in 1973; Steven graduated from Dora in 2000 and Lauren graduated in 2002.

Deb deValcourt Goes Rollin' on the River


Deb deValcourt Goes Rollin' on the River
Recentley I was able to live out one of my life long dreams: being able to ride on a steamboat. I told my husband that this was one of my fondest dreams and he went online with one of our friends and together they located a cruise that was a special package deal. The cruise was to be 4 day and three nights aboard the American Queen. It is the largest paddle wheel steamboat ever built. It was beautifully maintained and the people and the workers were real nice. We then embarked, on the steamboat in New Orleans, Friday. Then on Saturday Morning we arrived in Vacherie,
Louisiana and went on the Plantation Tours. Our departure time, from there was 2:00 P.M. We then headed to Baton Rouge, Louisiana and arrived on Sunday. We were in port all day Sunday until 5:00 P.M. We then left going back to New Orleans and arrived there Monday morning. Every time we left, the calliope was playing. While we were onboard we had 3 formal dinners and one of them was the Captains Dinner. The meals were very good and believe me when I say, you had plenty to eat.
I really enjoyed this cruise, I got to see a lot really interesting things, and everything was really nice. Click here for more Pictures

Deborah (Parker) deValcourt

C.P.Baggett's Story 


C.P.Baggett's Story by his daughte Jane Jones
Charlie P Baggett 1926 – 1994
This is a story about my dad, Charlie P Baggett, better known as C.P.
C.P. was born to Homer S and Myrtle Campbell Baggett on July 31, l926, Dora, Alabama. He had two sisters: Florence Wiley – Life long resident of Dora, deceased 10/2003, and Sandra Morgan – Forestdale, Alabama. He had one brother, Steve Baggett, Bessemer, Alabama. The only memories I have regarding my dad’s school history is what I was told about him all my life. He and Aunt Florence walked to school.
The only memories I have regarding my dad’s school history is what I was told about him all my life. He and Aunt Florence walked to school. They carried biscuits and onion in their lunch pail. He would have an F on his report card and make it an A. He quit school in the 8th grade.
C.P. married Ethel Catherine Snead from Labuco, Al, May 6, l944. They were married for 50 years at the time of his death. Ethel Catherine Snead Baggett – deceased 2/22/2002.
He joined the military when he was l7 years old. He was inducted in the U.S Army October l7, 1944, came home February 12, 1945. He left for overseas February 22, l945 and came back to the states September 20, 1946. He served in World War II and toured Philipeans and Japan.
When he returned home from the military service he worked numerous different jobs. In 1965 until 1970 he owned and operated a gas station adjoined to Red & Penny’s café on Hwy 78.
At this point he had a heart attack and was in bad health.

Therefore, he took it easy and went fishing at Williams Lake. He became active with the CB Clubs and helped with many Coffee Breaks to raise money for the needy. He was known on the CB as POOR BOY.
Later, he made friends with a policeman in Dora, who was a CB buddy. His name was Allen England (NIGHT CRAWLER) . He would ride in the police car with him and became very interested in law enforcement. At some point, 1975, he was hired full time and became the dispatcher and jailer.
When there was a football game, he kept up with the score, when the game was over, he would announce the score and give a blast on the civil defense siren. There were time agents from FCC would scold him for his unauthorized use of the radio, but it was all in good fun he would explain and they would agree.

FCC never bothered him about being Santa Claus. His Santa Claus radio impersonation of St Nick was popular in Walker and Jefferson County. He played Santa for various functions and rode the fire truck many times as St Nick. He was a popular dispatcher. Many people told him they had heard him on the police scanner. They just listened to the scanner to hear his comments. He was a member of the East Walker Lions club, Fraternal Order of Police, Four terms as Constable, and VFW.
After retirement, he continued to work as a dispatcher whenever he was needed up until his death. He had worked on Saturday before he died on Sunday.
He had a funeral possession fit for a King. There was 30 or so police cars and fire trucks from Walker County and all surrounding counties. The Dora Police Dept was pall bearers and honorary pall bearers. He is buried in the East Dora Cemetery behind Dora Church of God.

An American flag is at his gravesite at all times.
He loved the United States and Dora. He loved to serve his country and community. He lived in Dora all his life.
His survivors include two daughters; Jane B Jones & Eddie from Moody, Alabama, and Cathy B. Hicks and her husband Buddy of Oak Grove. a grandchild Jeffrey Jones and his wife Julie from Moody , Alabama and a great grandchild Tyler Jones.
Grandchild Michael Jones & Chere Remlap, Al
Great grandchild Avery Jones
Great grandchild Michaela Jones
Daughter Cathy B Hicks & Buddy Oak Grove, Al
Grandchild Stefan Kim & Amanda McCalla, Al
As my dad would say at the end of each shift.
A Big 10-42, Police code for ending tour of duty.

A Note From Nancy Cosper


I will be attending the alumni banquet this year; unfortunately I will be alone. I am so glad Johnie and I attended last year. We both enjoyed it so much. I would never have dreamed that a year would make such a difference in my life! If I have learned anything from my experience, it is to enjoy each day as the gift it is, because you never know what tomorrow may bring.
Note: Johnie Cosper (far right burgandy shirt) passed away earlier this year.

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