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Submitted by Carey Jacobs
His dream began in fall of 1993, when a little boy would set in the stands and cheer for his aunt as she was leading the “Pride of Walker County” onto the field for their half time show. He knew then, at only two and a half, that he would one day lead the band also. He would tell his mom, “I want to be a dum major.”
Back then the homecoming parade would end in the Food World parking lot for a pep rally. He was over on the side directing where no one could see him. I could only imagine that in his little mind he was dreaming of the one day that he would do it to. That day I had the honor of letting him help me direct the fight song.
Then almost 15 yrs later, I get the honor of tell people that MY nephew got his dream and he is the 2008-2009 drum major of Dora high school band.So now it is MY honor to tell you about my nephew and how his dream came true. Daniel Bussey is the fourth of our family to march with the Pride.
His Mom’s oldest sister Rachel Oden Bradford marched the flute in the band from 1981-1985. His Mom’s youngest sister C.J. Oden Jacobs marched the flute and was drum major from 1991-1994. His Mom march a mellophone and played French horn during concert band from 1988-1991.
So it was only fitting that when his mom and dad, (Wanda and Scott Bussey) moved back to Alabama, after living in Tennessee, Germany, and Georgia that when he got to high school he would go to Dora. When he was in the sixth grade, he started beginner band. He decided he wanted to play trumpet and used his mom’s old trumpet.
He started marching his eighth grade year. He has had many things put on him since he has been in the band. One time he was told if you don’t go to Florida the band does not go to Florida.
He has also had some honors. He had a solo his sophomore year and a duet his junior year. Daniel was always a great addition on the field with his marching and playing abilities but he still had his dream of becoming drum major. He did not try out the end of his sophomore year, because he had been told he would not get it. He had only one chance to make it and that would the auditions at the end of his junior year for his Senior year. I received one of the first calls when he made it. It was hard to believe that 15 yrs down the road another person from my family would stand on the podium as drum major. I am proud of the young gentleman he has become. It is hard to believe they grow up so fast. So this year as the band takes the field it will not be a little boy cheering on his aunt, it will be a proud aunt cheering on her nephew.

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