A New Season For Dawg Dance Team


A New Season For Dawg Dance Team
Tracy Sefcik is captain on the Dora High School Dance team this year. She says the workouts this summer have been tough, but she feels like the work has made the dance team better. "It's hard work," she says, "but it will be worth it in the fall when we get to dance at the games and band competitions."
The first few years Tracy was in the band, she played a clarinet, but her heart was in dancing. She has taken dance since she was two years old. She tried out last year and made the team. This year, which is her sophomore year, she was promoted to dance captain. This years dance squad is larger than in years past. There are twelve on the dance team and more than that on the color guard squad.
Brandy Savage from Empire is Tracy's co-captain on this year's dance team. The team is also excited about the new dance uniforms. The new outfits will be bright blue and bright yellow. "You'll be able to spot us anywhere on the field," Tracy jokes. The Dora Band will hold a fundraising Band-a-Thon where members will get people to sponsor them and they will play 10 hours (only breaking for lunch)

They hope to raise money for uniforms, equipment and for the band competition in Sprayberry, Georgia. Be sure and support the band by sponsoring one of the members.
Tracy says that the entire band has worked hard this summer and fans should see the proof in the performance. "I'm also excited for my boyfriend Jeffrey Scissom who will be doing trumpet solos this year," she said.

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