Fay Bobo - Words From The Past


This was written by Fay Bobo a few years before she died in November of 2000. She did not give it a title.
Did you ever go to a Friday Night Singing? We did, every Friday night. Over at Calvary Church in Doliska, we sat on wooden benches and sang and sang. Good old toe-tapping gospel songs sprinkled liberally with the more heartfelt "Amazing Grace", "Shall We Gather at the River", and "In the Sweet Bye and Bye" type hymns.
There was always a leader who kept 4/4 time with the north, south,east, west hand and arm motion. He or she usually sang louder than all the rest put together. Ever so often, the "Moderator" would call on a new leader who would get up and perform. Everyone who led tried to get more response from the crowd of singer. Oh, it was a great time that we looked forward to every week.

Faye Bobo Class of 1941

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