2003 All Class Reunion


In 1958 I had aspirations of becoming a famous musician. I had groups I performed with
At school, “The Dixie Travelers, Ralph Raines, Larry Stewart, Dempsey Easter, Curtis Ellison, Don Early and Gene Hayes. I also used some other musicians to do jobs at night" Mostly Musgrove Country Club. I would play these dances and come to school half asleep the following day. Mr. Gant, being the knowing all wise person would catch me in the hall and tell me,”you are burning the candle at both ends. I had never heard this phrase until he said it, however, I will never forget it. He also was always telling me to get a haircut. Trying to be a Musician was not easy around Mr. Gant. Another memory was the time I walked into class and saw a hammer lying on the teacher’s desk, I picked it up and looked at it at the same time the teacher walked in.
I placed the hammer back on his desk and sat down. As he tried to pull his chair out from the desk it would not move. Someone had toe nailed it to the floor. I was sent to Mr. Gants office where I was offered the choice of 2 days suspension or 3 licks with his infamous paddle. I knew I was innocent but explaining that to Dad would be more difficult. I took the licks... Wheeew!
I never told him who really did that, but B.M you know!!
Jerry Grammer in the early 60's
I later fulfilled part of my Musical dreams, I am now in the European Rockabilly Hall of Fame and an achiever in the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. I loved Mr. Gant then and the love continues today.

Jerry Grammer, Class of '59

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