Michael Early - My Life Since Dora High School



Michael Early - My Life Since Dora High School
After high school I worked indefinitely changing jobs and not really interested in college as of yet. This all changed in the Fall of 2005 when I was laid off from my position at the HealthSouth Regional Business Office(originally located in Pelham, AL) after only about 2 years working there. The sudden knowledge of the coming end about a month beforehand rekindled the fire of the goal I had always had since high school; finding a career using my artistic abilities combined with the use of technology. After I left HealthSouth, I searched colleges that offered an associates degree in what I liked to do. I attended a college in Nashville, TN, last year for one quarter and realized it would not get me any closer to my dream job. I left there and came back to Alabama. In October 2006, after still not finding suitable employment for my financial situation I found The Los Angeles Film School. It offers a certificate program that works well with my age and attention span. I enrolled in October 2006 and started in February of 2007. I am obviously fairly new to L.A. but I have adjusted well. I am in the Production Design Program with a minor in Producing. I chose the school because of it's close proximity to the major studios and the theme parks. Oh, did I forget the beach; yeah, the beach is about 20 minutes away. Anyway, I do miss my family, but not the state of AL. I have flown back twice and every time I step off the plane the humidity hits me like a ton of bricks. I guess I am too used to this dry California atmosphere. Anyway, I am doing well and having a blast in the no. 2 city that never sleeps, after New York. The city is laid out in such a way that it is pretty easy to navigate as long as you know where the areas are to stay away from( Compton and Inglewood-Gang Territory)

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