The Old Dora Library


The Old Dora Library
I've got good news and bad news about the Old Dora Library property. I went to the Walker County courthouse and found out who owns the property and it is for sale, but the bad news is; it belongs to someone who owns several other properties in Old Dora and he wants a lot of money for them. I asked if he would consider selling that one small property, but he wasn't's all or nothing. Barring a miracle, we will all have to be content to dream.
I had another goofy idea....what if I write an email asking for people to consider donating one dollar to help make our dream come true. One dollar to be a part of a miracle. I would then encourage everyone who receives the email to forward it to five close
friends who also believe in miracles with instructions for them to forward it to five of their friends and so on. I know it's a long shot, but if we can capture in words the spirit of our little town maybe we could make something remarkable happen. If we are unable to raise enough money, we'd need to make sure that it would be ok with the donors for us to donate the money to a charity of some kind.
A few years ago, I worked as the president of the Telephone Pioneers, a group of volunteers that raise money for charity and other projects. learned that words can be very powerful. If you can find words to touch the heart, you accomplish great things. I'm willing to try. So, you'll be receiving an email from me in a few days and you have the choice of deleting it and telling everyone that I've been sitting a little too close to the television, or you can think of five friends who want to be a part of something remarkable.
I am also starting a new topic on the message board and I need your help. I want to capture as much about the history of Dora as possible. Any information you can provide will be helpful. I want to do a detailed history of our area. If you have photos of Old Dora, if you know of anyone who has written down any facts or know where I can find any information about the history please put it on the message board. I called the Daily Mountain Eagle today and they have archives on microfilm of the paper all the way back to the 30's. I'm interested in any stores or other businesses that were here, train wrecks, bad storms, or other stories. Nat Self's book will be a great resource. I'm excited about this project too.
Before I close, Asa Faith Randolph and her sister Johnnie Farris are trying to find out the names of the kids in this photograph. If you know any of these folks, please send the information to me. (Rick Watson)

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