Remembering Phyllis Sellers


"In Memory" page on Phyllis Sellers. I remember the day she died as if it were yesterday. She and I were friends. Someone called our house one night and said that there had been an accident on the Dora road near where Phyllis lived .I thought to myself "I'll call Phyllis and get the scoop." Her father answered the phone and when he started to speak, I sensed that something was wrong. I asked to speak to Phyllis, like I had done many times before, but I was unprepared for what I heard.

What came out of the phone was one of the saddest sounds I have ever heard in my life. He broke down and began to sob and through his grief stricken voice he told me that Phyllis had been struck by a car and killed. I apologized over and over and over, but he was too lost in his sorrow to acknowledge my apology. I was devastated as were all her friends.
As I looked back through the 1967 yearbook and saw her picture, I was snatched back in time and I relived that experience one more time.
That's what these yearbook do. As you flip through them, they bring those bitter-sweet memories back fresh and strong. I believe that folks love looking back through these pages because they help to remind us who we were and from where we came.....I understand that it is these memories and the associated experiences that help to make us who we are today.

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