Remembering Red Star Hill


Growing up on Red Star Hill was like growing up in God's special place. I just wonder if many of you from the late 50s, very early 60s are out there in cyberspace, ready to recall some wonderful memories.
Gwyn Andrews: We had so much fun in so many ways that I cannot remember them all. I do remember a certain party that we were not invited to.
Lana Andrews: We also had many happy times, especially when we cruised around in your car - looking for someone. I think his name was Jack Taft.
Billy Ray Davis: Mother looked at you as my protector. I could not go bicycle riding unless you were along.
Arthur Lee Taylor: You were the bicycle daredevil. That is why Billy Ray had to be along.
Beth May: All of us on the hill had fun at your house. Playing canasta and wonderful parties stay in my memory.
One of our favorite buddies, Ronnie Sides, is no longer with us. He was kind, thoughtful, and gentle. (Until it came to threatening to destroy my Ricky Nelson records). I'm hoping that some of you special people will share some Red Star Hill memories. Asa Faith (Bobo) Randolph, class of 1961.
Asa Faith and Glenn Allen

Asa Faith Bobo Randolph and our Dora High Bulldog football announcer Glenn Allen Bobo

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