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Dora Wins Hard Fought Game
Dora struggles on defense, but the offense played strong enough for the win. Fayette County came to plan and was able to move the ball against the Dawgs.
Dora got on the board in their first possession. On the second play form scrimmage, Marquis Chappel playing quarterback in place of the injured Jorge Williams scrambled around the right side for an 80 yard touchdown. The Dawgs never trailed.
On Fayette County's first possession they converted on a number of first downs taking advantage of a soft Dora defense and from the 50 yard line with a 3 and 4 yards to go, the Fayette quarterback called his own number and scrambled 50 yards to tie the score.

Derick Gardner goes over the top of two Fayette defenders for a Dora touchdown
Photo by James Phillips
Dora's second score came after a Chappel connected with Chase Pierce for about a 30 yard gain. Dora moved the ball well and Derick Gardner danced into the end zone from about the 10 yard line. Dora 14 Fayette 7.
The teams swapped possessions a number of times in the second quarter before Fayette managed to sneak in for a touchdown and extra point to tie the game.
Dora got the ball and moved the ball to their own 40 yard line where the drive stalled. The tried a fake punt and gained 10 yards for a first down and managed to score a touchdown and extra point to go ahead 21 to 14.
Both Fayette scored another touchdown and extra point and Dora answered making the score 27 to 21 but the failed to convert. This play was a heart stopper because Chase Pierce fumbled the ball on the 1 yard line but fell on the ball in the end zone for the touchdown.
Fayette hung tough and marched down the field with 2 minutes remaining, but Dora's defense stiffened and they held on 3 and 4. Fayette put all their key receivers in the game and both teams took time outs to try and gain the advantage. With 4th and 4 yard on Dora's 40 yard line, Dora's defensive back came up at the last possible second to slap the ball away from the Fayette receiver and the ball went over to Dora. Fayette had no timeouts remaining so Chappel simply took an knee on all the snaps and ran the clock out. Final score Dora 27 Fayette County 21.
Next week, Dora travels to Tarrent. More photos will be added on Saturday morning.
Click here for photos of the game.

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