Summer Fun for new alumni

This summer while most kids are heading to the beach or to the mountains, or somewhere on vacation I know 3 boys that are hard at work. Daniel Bussey, Timothy Bussey, and Gabe Petrie are in the Gardendale production of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Daniel who as of May 28 is an Alumni of Dora will be playing the lead role of Adam. Daniel is proud to a member of the Wallace state show choir. He will also take the stage this fall in their production of Romeo and Juliet. Daniel is proud to share his Interest for performing arts with students from Dora. Timothy and Gabe both Juniors at Dora Auditioned well enough to receive Prominent parts as Brothers. They practice 3 nights a week for at least three hours a night and closer to show time extra practices will be scheduled. The production will be July 16-18 at the Gardendale civic center. These boys are giving up part of their summer to work hard and make this the best production Gardendale has ever had. Everyone is always looking for something to do on the weekends this a chance not only to support Dora students it is also a chance to support the arts. Ticket information coming at a later date.

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