Aaron Julian, Son of Tanya Julian Excels in Sports

Tanya Julian who graduated from Dora High School in 1988 has many reasons to be proud of her son Aaron. He is an excellent athlete and in fact he just made the all-stars for the third time. Aaron played this week and had his best showing at the plate.
He went 3 for 3 with a single, triple, and one walk. He brought in two runners, made three runs of his own and stole six bases.
He has played little league baseball for seven years. He also plays football for three years as starting defensive end and offensive line. He average two tackles a game (all for losses) and recorded one sack.
He plays for the Newbury Black Knights in Newbury Ohio. His athletic abilities earned him a physical fitness award from President Barrack Obama. In July we are moving back to Dora and in August he will become a Bulldog when he joins Dora's youth football. His grandparents are Billy and Denise Julian.

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