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Jane Roberts - Veteran Teacher at DHS
Jane Roberts has been teaching for 36 years. She teaches AMERICAN HISTORY and
STREET LAW at Dora. She went to Mortimer Jordan High School. And graduated at the University of Montevallo. Jane's husband is Sherman Roberts. Together, they have a daughter named Ericalyn Hulsey, and a grandson named Jaxon. Jane has taught at multiple schools; Carbon Hill Elementary, Curry High School, Sumiton Jr., Walker High School, and has substituted English and History at Bevill State. She has also taught multiple subjects! In Elementary schools and High Schools, she has taught; English, Reading, Science, Math, and Social Studies. Jane says, "I hope to make students more aware so that we learn from the past, live in the present, and plan for the future."
Karen Clark - Business Tech Teacher at DHS
by Will Justice

Karen Clark has been teaching at Dora High School for 20 years! She is the Business Tech Asst. teacher, a class used with computers. As a student, Karen went to Walker High School. In college, she has a B.S. Degree at the University of Alabama, and a Masters degree at UAB. She has taught Business Tech. for 28 years. Other schools she has taught at; two years at Parrish, one at Nauvoo, and five at Martin. Karen's husband is Greg Clark. Together, they have 3 children. Josh (17 years old), Chris (15 years old), and Candace (13 years old). Karen can play the piano. She is good with her hands, using a computer keyboard and playing notes on the piano. Mrs. Clark says, “ My goal is to prepare students with job skills that will be served well after their graduation.”


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