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Billy Gene Moon Dora Teacher for 30 Years
Billy Gene Moon has been teaching at Dora for 30 years now. He went to Curry High School, and graduated from the University of Alabama. He teaches Marketing Dynamics, and has been for 32 years. The first two years were in Selma, Alabama. There are only 2 Marketing Courses in Walker County. Dora is lucky to have Mr. Moon. He says, "Marketing is what the world is made of." He has a wife and 2 kids named Stephanie and Jeremy. He also has 3 grandchildren; John Bailey, Eli, and Garrett. Billy believes he may retire within the next 3 to 5 years.

Charlotte Rhodes, New Custodian at Dora

Charlotte Rhodes is the new custodian at Dora High School. She began working at Dora in August 2005. She was also a student at Dora High School. She has had One year at Bevill State. Her husband is James Rhodes, together they have 2 kids named Kelsey, who is 9 years old, and Matthew, who is 8 years old.

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