Tommy Black Class of 1996

Note From Tommy Black
Hello friends. Just wanted to let you all know that my new band, Beyond The Ashes will be performing in Birmingham at the Rock'n Horse on 01/28/05. I would love to see you all come out and hang out with us and watch the show. There will be three bands on the bill for only $5. The show is 21 and up. It's a Friday night and what better way to spend it than to come out and support the band while catching up with old friends. Please let me know if you could possibly be coming. Tommy Black is from the Dora High School Class of 1996. 


Since High School I have been working for Charter Communications. I currently work in the Jasper office as a dispatcher, but I am in motion to move up within the company if music doesn't take off.
I am currently residing in the enemy territory (aka Cordova), but am looking forward to moving out and hopefully into Dora or Sumiton in a month or so.
I have been involved in music for ages. I went through a lot of things that children shouldn't go through: being subjected to things that many would consider to be abuse; physical, mental, and verbally, and also being molested by a relative, being harassed by other kids and many other distasteful things throughout my childhood. I chose to deal with those things by writing lyrics in my room and keeping to myself. I stayed away from drinking, drugs, and violence and just kept writing. In 1995 our foreign exchange student, Mario Campos approached me about starting a band. From there it became a way for me to deal with my issues. I have always been kinda to myself and this lets me express myself. I took a break from the music scene from 1998 till now. 7 years away has allowed me to grow up a lot and see a lot of things that really bother me within the world, so it gives me plenty to write about.
My future plans are just to do whatever I have to do to keep myself happy in life. Being away from music for 7 years left me with a void that kept me very unhappy. I used to play music to try to be a rockstar and try to "make it." These days I play music to give myself a release and be happy with myself. If the fame comes with it then it's just a bonus. As far as the band, this year has already started out amazing. We have been signed to a local production company called Pure Rock Productions, whom is booking us on some great festivals to raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation. We plan to play as many shows as we possibly can.
I would like to say that I am proud of making it through all the tough times. Those of you who do know me realize that I came up with my friends being the only family I had at times. I want to thank everyone that ever supported me or was there for me to help me make it through the times. Without you I would have likely did some of the stupid stuff that was in my head in order to get even. I see on the news that kids are doing the crazy stuff that I had considered doing in order to get attention or end the pain that has been brought upon them. To any kids that have those thoughts: there are other alternatives. Don't turn to violence, drugs, or drinking. If you have a friend that has troubles at home then make sure that you support them and keep them with a level head.
I would love to see anyone who might want to come out to a show and hang out. It would be great to hang out with old friends and catch up. Also anyone out there can feel free to email me at .

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