Wylma (Merle Taylor) Wilkie Class of 66 Profile


Well, right after graduating I went into the Navy where I served as a Communications Yeoman. I served as the personal secretary to the Communications Officer and the Washington Navy Yard and later the personal secretary toWylmaMerleWilkie the Commanding Officer of the Washington Naval Station. I also met and married my children's father, Glyn Bailey, there. We eventually moved from Northern Virginia (Washington D.C. area) to here in Houston. We divorced in 1999 and I am now married to, Richard Wilkie who is a semi-professional Gospel Music Singer Entertainer. He is employed by the Metro Transit Authority. After the Navy, I went on to go to college and received my degree in Business and minored in Accounting. I spent 40+ years working in business administration and accounting. I retired in 2007 due to arthritis of the spine; my body just would not allow me to sit in a chair 8-10 hours a day. I have one son & one daughter and one step-son. I have 8 grandchildren and that is where my fun begins :-). I am also a 16-year survivor of breast cancer, which explains the format of my facebook page.

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