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Past Stories


Miss Dora High 2017


Joeletta Barrentine Competes

Don Wilson, from the Class of 1953 named Dora High School Alumnus of the Year

Class of 1956 celebrates 60 year reunion


Traditions Change

Bethany Harris Story

Frog Festival 2015

Shopping with Ruby

Tommy Black story

Wrong Turn

Adams Guitar

Band Members perform in Tuscaloosa

Michael Thorin named Hoover Firefighter of the year.

Dora’s Warren wins gold

Our dog loves shoes

Profle - Christa Waddle Dora High School Junior



Susie Headrick Passes Away

First Christmas at home sweet home

Don't Take Thinks For Granted

Tate Shanneyfelt, dies in auto accident


Letter in the mail

Waiting on the rain

Auburn Sports hero Jim McGowen, from the Class of 1943 passes away

Dick McGowen, Auburn football coach and sports standout from Dora High School passes away.

Interview with Matthew Dylan Freeman

Life at the forks

All class reunion

Chase Moon redeployed

Dora Alumnus Gerry Robinson passes away


Interview with Everett Hoagland

Interview with Mason Wallace

Will Justice fundraiser

Things you don't see anymore




Tim Robinson Forum 2012

Laneda Jones - Backyard Blessings

Virtual Wall adds Photos of Virgil Eugene

Sandy Combs Amerson is the 2011 Alumnus of the year

Emily Winkler Crowned Mss Walker County 2012

Miss Dora High 2012

Wylma Wilkie


2011 All Class Reunion

Memorial Day 2011

Class of 1961 Celebrate 50 reunion (2011)

Classes 1965-1971 Reunion in 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Dental Problems

James Spann Weather Man Interview

Short Order Cook

Five Years at the Mountain Eagle for Rick

Mrs. Dorothy Ellison Day in Sumiton

We Finally Have a Tree

Looking without seeing

Cold Weather Brings Plants Indoors

Welcome to the world of technology


Alumni Sponsor Benefit Ride for Charity

Nelson Robinson Profile

Haven and Alesha have a new addition to the family

2010 Dora Cheerleaders Raising Money to attend Macy's Day Parade

My Brain is Full

Norman Holt Seeks seat on BOE

2010 Dora High School (all class) reunion

Water Leak

Inspiration to All

Alumni Pets


Buffalo Rock Gift to Dora High School

Cathrine Ann Muse and Alondan Turner Perish in Fire


Rickster Turns 59

Buffalo Rock Donation to DHS

Miracle of Sloss Hollow

Christmas 2009

Snow Show 2009

Luckiest Man in the World - Dr. Gwin

Homecoming _Parade 2009

Alumni Association Information

Frog Festival 2009

Greg Tucker, Mark Whalen, Sean Presley, Bridgett Sissom, and Steve Glover Updates

Autumn is upon us

Tragedy Strikes Close to Home

Class of 1989 20 Year REunion

Marie MItchell Moore Update

Ol' Buddy's on Facebook

Home Improvement

Joe Brewer Update


Aaron Julian Excels in Sports

Jed Glover Update

Huett Grandkids

Dora Faculty Flying Hihg

Dora Students Summer Fun

Haleigh Denise Deskins

Pondering's on Graduation 2009 - an Essay Submitted by AnnMarie Swindell

TTiffany Latham Profile

Alumnus of the Year 2009

May Day - Johnnie Bobo Farris

Memorial Day 2009 - Story by Greg Phillips

Living Without Power

Pat Dodd's New Business in Sumiton

Where is She - by Ann Marie Swindle



Sussanna Tubbs Profile

February Hard For Me

Don't Mess Up On Valentine's Day

Losing Hair Not Always Bad

A Matter of Time

Three Phases of Christmas

Christmas Time

Wrong Number

Terror Girl

Getting Older

Chris Edwards Profile

I can always find my way home

Tim Robinson Forum 2008

Danial Bussey's Dream

Alicia Morris Smallwood Checking In

Clowning Around - Gerry Robinson

Maria Gross and Micah Wynn's New Baby

Tommy Blacks Son On Stage

Jerry Dollar

Happy 6th Birthday Dora High School.com

Randy Higgins Profile

Happy Birthday America

I like it hot

I Miss My Dad

Letters From Iraq

Veteran's Day 2008

Alumni Reunion Story and Pictures

Zach Steele Lives Up To His Name

Zach Weldon Lands Big Fish

Local Fireman Injured and in need of your help

Dora High School Parents Association


New Teachers for 2008

Miss Dora High 2008 Brittany Poe

UAB Honor Band

Hillary and Rascal Flatts


Christmas Parade 2007

Aack Leach Grand son of Kathy and Roger Leach

Mr. And Miss Bulldog 2007

Will's Dance Video

Band Update November 2007

Thank a Veteran

Michael Early

19075 Dora JV Football Team

Fletcher Tubbs and the Real World Contest

All Yearbooks Published

Happy 4th of July 2007

Help Fletcher get on Real World

Williams Boys

Happy Father's Day 2007

Wright Steps Down

Amber Chambers completes Basic Training

2007 Alumnus of the Year

Miss Dora High 2007

Paige Skalnic,Looks Back

The Nix Kids

The Life and Times of Jim Owens

UAB Honor's Band

The Huett's New Baby and Natasha Smith

Brandon and Michelle Ford's New Addition

Thirty Year Service Anniversary

Christmas Season

Will's Music Video

Letters from Myanmar ~ Bangkok

Bill Strain Class of 52

Mimi's in Myanmar


2006 Frog Festival

Letters from Myanmar ~ Coming Home Soon

Anthony Valdez and Meighan Parker Updates

Letters From Myanmar ~ Post Office

Rainbows in Hawaii

Profiles Michelle Scott, Ally Trusty and Amy Hylton

Letters from Myanmar ~ Hair Cut

Letters from Myanmar ~ Hello From the Equator

Letters from Myanmar ~ Riding in Burma

Letters From Myanmar ~A Busy Girl

Ashley Dale Attends Leadership Program

Letters From Myanmar ~ Sunday at the Zoo 

School Starts Back Too Soon

Adventures in Driving - Dannielle Capps Weldon

Living in Burma - Dannielle Capps Weldon

Letters from Iraq Tate Shaneyfelt

Music Hath Charms

Are You Pulling My Leg


Preston Remembers

Remembering Jimmy Ray Alexander

Summer's Almost Upon Us

Teaching Balance

Paige Skalnik Profile - Students Stephanie Woods and Chantrese Softly Profile

Old Cars

Dora Park by Asa Faith Randolph

Academics Banquet 2006

A San Francisco Day

Campbell Field

Poetry Winners

Sandy Combs Amerson

Shirly Jett and Ron Undem Profiles

Amy Key Profile

Indigo Sky

April Sunsets

Eric Roberts Profile - Shericka Williams Profile - Library Sleuths

Jane Roberts and Karen Clark Profiles

Joshua Williams - Student Profile

New Principal Ricky Pate

Travel Log Colorado Springs

Debra Jacks New Counselor at Dora

Jason Peterson wins CMN Award

Betty Alexander and Sheila Carden

Love Will Find a Way

Wanda Edgil: Teach Profile and Patricia Goss Wedding Announcement

Timothy Sumner Robinson Forum

Judy Sides - Teacher at Dora High Profile

Zach Leach's 10th Birthday

Miss Dora High 2006

Teacher and Student Profiles Cindy Wright - Haley McCormick

Teacher Profile: Billy Gene Moon and Custodian Charlotte Rhodes

Teacher Profile: Jan Poe

Teachers Profiles Brandy Karanick and Patricia Martin

Snow Day 2006

Profiles: Kayla Hollis, Kayla Smiley and Brandy Roden

Profiles: Brandon Phillips, Katrina Thompson, Nicole Isbell

New Teachers at Dora 2006

Alumni Reunion Memento - by Hugh Cunningham

Remembering Mrs. McMichen

Forever Young - Uncle Marvin Lee

Wishes for the New Year

What Does New Years Hold in Store?

Christmas Stories

Dora Soldier turns Inventor

Christmas 2005

Mr and Miss Bulldog 2005

Self Help Books

Thanksgiving Will Never Be the Same

Will the Thrill's thoughts on School Spirit

David Weldon Profile

Jimi Westbrook Little Big Town

Deborah Hodges Bagwell Attitude is Everything

Music helps child to learn to speak

Jason Peterson's Katrina Story

Taylor the Blunder Dog

Ready for School 1957

Ivy Paul Andrews, A Local Baseball Hero

Back on the Plant and Football 2005

New Principal at Dora High School.

Class of 29 Announcement

Tomb Raiders and Unslumping

Stone and his ring of fire.

One of Johnnie Bobo Farris' Favorite 4th

Father's Day 2005 - Snipe Hunting

History of Dora High School

Old Photographs of Dora

Goodbye Mr. McFall What If I Won The Lottery

Awards Day 2005 Anne Phillips Coston

Mothers - Spring 2005

Greg and Dee's Excellent Adventure down Route 66

2005 Alumni Reunion - Alumnus of the Year

Letter to Seniors 2005 and Deb deValcourt's excllent adventure

Rainbow in the City

Rattlesnake Rodeo and Unsolved Mysteries Lilly Mae Hamrick

Barefoot in Empire by Lace Barnett

Buddy and the BP Station

Will Speaks Out on the Perils of Performing

Growing Up in West Pratt

Modern Day Fairy Talk Lauren Rooker and Steven Morrow

Note from Will the Thrill

CP Baggett, A Daughters Story

A Note From Nancy Cosper

Identity Theft

Will the Thrill

Things I remember

LC Glover Home from Iraq

A Tail of Two Kitties

Several Yearbooks now online Story about Phylis Sellers

Tommy Black's New Band

Don Early Profile Class of 1959 - Trains

Are You a Real Bulldog

Julie Watson McCann

Home For Christams - L.C. Glover

Old Friends by Asa Faith

Dana Nix Moore Profile

Basketball Revisited by Asa Faith Bobo Randolph

A Christmas Story 2004

Pilot Club Breakfast and Firefighters

We're Where We're Supposed to Be

Thanksgiving 2004

Mr. and Miss Bulldog

Veterans Day 2004 - Greg Phillips Story

Ol' Buddy Changed My Mind

Fall 2004

Centennial Book on Sale

Coach Coston Remembered

Note from Iraq

Jack Britton Sullivan, Author

Billy Joe McMurray

Are the Good Time Over for Good

Ricky Phillips Profile

Changing of the Seasons

Click here to read about and hear the Alma Mater

Dawg Dance Team Captain

Faye Bobo Summertime Memories

Happy Third Birthday Dora High School.com

Greentop BBQ

Old DHS Group Photo

Fourth of July 2004

What we were saying in 1957

Father's Day 2004

Remembering Ray Charles and Drive In Theatres

Centennial Book Reprint

Graduation Day 2004

Danielle and David Weldon's new baby Zoe

Profile: Larry Arnold

Profile: James and Andrea Phillips

The Old Library Project

2004 Alumnus of the Year Nelson Robinson

Profile: Dustin Beaty

Old Jail Today

Old Library Today

Profile Tommy Black Class of 96

Springtime In Dora Alabama

Profile Matt Lowery

Profile Hugh Cunningham

Profile Brandy Rachael Wynn

Profile Asa Faith Bobo Randolph

Stone Phillips Remember the Roar

Profile Naomie Ragsdale Gibson

Profile Belenda Riley

Valentine's 2004

Profile Mary McGinnis

Profile Bill Hatcher

Profile Preston Headrick

Profile Joe Brewer

Profile Laura Pennington

Profile Hellen Wires Talley

Profile Lisa Chance

Lacy Barnett

Profile Jeremy Moon

Profile DeAnna Gibson

Profile Sandy Combs Amerson

New Years 2004

Dan Nix's Christmas Story

Near Tragedy and Dora Grammar School

Dora Rinky Dinks Photo with Paul Andrews

Happy Thanksgiving 2003

Happy Thanksgiving 2003

Where Has The Time Gone

Veterans Day 2003

Coach Billy Coleman writes book

All Sackers to the front- by Greg Phillips

Tim Robinson

Remembering Red Star Hill

Early Merry Christmas

The Worth of Music

Back To School 2003

An Interview with an Exchange Student

Memories of Muscle Cars at Dora High

Happy Birthday Dora High School.com

Southern Living

Words To Live By

Wild Train Ride by Dan Nix

Miss Dora High 1952 Mrs. Shirley Jarman Brymer

Memorial Day 2003

Jerry Grammer and the Rock A Billy Hall of Fame

Time has Wings and The First Miss Dora High

Reunion 2003

Jerry Grammer Remembers Mr. Gant

Webpage from April 2003 Bulldog Beauties and Baseball Story

Tragedy in Sumiton Rickey Peterson and Dan Nix Remembers Mr. Gant

1941 History- You Picked a fine time to leave me Lucille

Every Day is Monday- Greg Phillips Story

Cristal O'Neill Miss Dora High and Miss Walker County

A Mother's Worst Nightmare-Kathy Leach

Memory Lane

February 28th 2003

Forever Young

Career Day at DHS

Missing My Brothers

Looking Forward, Looking Back

Snow Day

The Place That We Call Home Part I

The Place That We Call Home Part II

The Place That We Call Home Part III

The Place That We Call Home Part IV

The Place That We Call Home Part V

The Place That We Call Home Part VI

New Years 2003

Christmas 2002

Fay Bobo Remembers

Watkins Field

What are you thankful for?


Fun Ride - Thanks to the Bulldogs

JFK Memory

Every Day's A School Day

Interview with author Powell Clark

Dora Pre Playoff Interview with Coach Wright

11-11-02 Dora Playoffs- Courtney Ellis

10-30-02 Halloween-Baby Stone Phillips

10-30-02 Homecoming 2002

10-15-02 Afghanistan Helping Our Troops

10-04-02 Cheers for Dora Teachers

Charles Beersdorf and The Six Day War 1967

9-27-0 High School Not Nirvana for All

Dora vs. Cordova 2002

Virginia Murray Celebrates her 90th Birthday

Sandra Stricklen Interview

An Essay about growing up in Dora by Rick Watson

Lacy Barnett, a remarkable story

Ms_Andrews Remembered

9-11-02 Where Were You?

Mary Robinson McGinnis

9-8-02 Mrs. Ellison

9-6-02 Watkins Field

Autumn is My Favorite Time of Year

9-3-02 James Phillips

9-2-02 Bruce Hamrick

The Old School

The very first Dora High School web page

Remembering Mr. Gant

Mr. Gant to the Class of 73




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