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Today is Saturday, Nov. 7, 2015 .   
FlagThere have been 2378 American deaths in Afghanistan.
I want to keep this site updated with the total so that we can keep all our soldiers in our thoughts and prayers. 

There were 4486 American deaths in Iraq since the beginning of hostilities in March 2003. 
Click here for the names.

Randy Jett Dora High Class of 1979 loses battle with cancer


Funeral arrangements for Randy Jett
Sunday January 17 at New Horizon funeral home
Visitation for family 1-2 p.m.
Visitation for friends 2-3 p.m.
Funeral to begin at 3:00 p.m.

Ashton Roberts from Dora High School Class of 2013 Dies

Roderick King faces a capital murder charge. Pleasant Grove Police accuse him of killing Ashton Blake Roberts during a robbery at a Jack's Restaurant. Police also accuse King of robbing a Papa Murphy's in Hueytown and Burget King in Fairfield.
One of Ashton Blake Roberts' uncles told ABC 33/40 the 21-year-old worked hard Wednesday and wanted to pick up a few burgers from the Jack's Restaurant after completing his shift. Roberts never got what he wanted.
He was shot to death. Roberts couldn't wait to turn 21, but not for the reasons you might think. "He had come in about four times to put in an application before he was 21. Our insurance won't let us put anyone on until they're 21," said Tommy Moyer.
Moyer, a service manager with Jasper's Ford and Dodge dealership, eventually hired roberts as a technician. The young man was on the job just two weeks. "He'd do anything you asked of him to do. He was a very good person," added Moyer.
Roberts learned his craft at the Walker County Center for Technology. "He was a good guy. He worked hard. He was dedicated. He loved doing what he did. He loved his country. He was going to go serve in the Marines," said Joseph Knope. Knope was Robert's classmate at WCCT Both reconnected a few weeks ago. "It was great. It just brings back some good old memories from trade school.
We talked about the stupid stuff we used to do," added Knope. "It's just hard to believe someone you work with could end up like this," added Moyer. Neither Moyer, nor Knope could understand why anyone would want to kill the 21-year-old. "It was just tragic what happened. I mean honestly and truly, I mean no one deserves to get their life taken away like that. It's probably over couple of hundred dollars. It is pointless and stupid," added Knope.
The people at the dealership in Jasper were happy to have Roberts on board. Roberts recently got his first paycheck from the dealership, but he never cashed it.

Traditions Change

Family Christmas traditions are treasures beyond measure. Some of my fondest memories are of Christmas.

The aroma of hot chocolate steeping on the stove and pecan pies baking in my mama’s oven on cold December mornings told me that it was finally Christmastime.

Soon the tree would go up with popcorn ropes, tinsel, spun glass angel hair and bubble lights silently fizzing away the seconds until Santa arrived.

Families are living portraits and time changes Christmas traditions. Kids get married and bring grandkids into the picture. And sometimes Christmas traditions are forever altered when we lose a loved one.

Both Jilda and I learned this lesson when our parents died, but it holds true for every family.

My traditions changed when I married Jilda. We celebrated Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas Day with hers.

Christmas at my parents’ home was a madhouse when my brothers and sisters grew into adults and started families. We’d all meet just after dark at mom’s house and often we’d find members of our extended family who had come by as well as friends who had no other place to go on Christmas.

Mother always had ham or turkey laid out on the table for munching. But the sideboard was filled with what she did best. Homemade fudge, divinity candy, pies, cakes and cookies to die for. If anyone left without a sugar buzz they had no one to blame but themselves.

Migrating to the living room, we jockeyed for position around the mountain of gifts beneath the Christmas tree and once the gifting began, the living room turned into a sea of toys, discarded wrapping paper and bows.

One Christmas a niece who was still in diapers pulled a bow from her gift and stuck it on Mama Watson’s arm. Everyone laughed at the gesture which was enough to encourage the other kids to join in the sticking fest. By the time all the gifts were opened, Mama Watson was a Christmas rainbow and a new tradition was born.

We trudged on when my dad died in 1986, but when my mom began having health problems our Christmas traditions changed dramatically.

Christmas at the home of Jilda’s parents was just as wild as it was at our house, but there was more focus on food. Except for the two years I was away in the Army, I spent every Christmas day with her family from 1968 until her mother passed away. She was the duct tape that held that tradition together and when she was gone, their traditions changed, too.

This past weekend, our good friend Billy invited us to his house for a Christmas party. 

Through the years, visiting Billy and Nila’s house always ended up on the holiday highlight reel. Their gathering put the joy in Christmas. No matter how stressful the holidays were, no one ever left Billy and Nila’s house without a smile on their face.

This year’s celebration was a good one too, but it was bittersweet because Nila, who’d been the love of Billy’s life for over 50 years, died in February.

His house was wall to wall with people Saturday evening. Old friends who’ve stuck together through the years came to enjoy each other’s company.

Billy has a lot of support to help him through the holidays, and he will make it through, but I know from experience that Christmas will never be the same.

Jilda and I wish you a Merry Christmas.
2015 Dora High School Football Schedule
Loss- 29-19
Mortimer Jordan
Loss - 50-6
Loss 40-21
Loss 61-7
Loss 37-17
Plesant Grove
Go Dawgs!!!!!!

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