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Ponderings on Graduation 2009
Submitted by AnnMarie Swindell
“I watch intently as the chairs fill one by one. My adventure just beginning while others leaving for their own distant journeys. I know many of the faces and have shared moments that will live forever. 

Words of encouragement and hope will echo from the speakers. The future ahead compared to a unpainted canvas, a blank page waiting on words to be written, a story unfolding, untold. “The future is not known but the past is our history.”, will be the speakers first line.” Caitlin-Marie said.

“The future is not known but the past is our history. In a world unsure it will be easy to get lost. It will be easy to give in and travel the crowded road rather than the road less traveled. No matter how lost we may find ourselves we will always be found here among the faces and hearts around us today.

We will need to remember who we are. Take a look at the faces around you. Thank each other for the critical role they have played in our life. Our morals, values and convictions were built with the help of one another. Right or wrong, good or bad, many of life’s lessons learned were learned from one another.

From this moment on our lives are forever entwined and entangled. Each of us are linked together by a invisible chain of Friendship, Respect and Honor. Friendship of the ones that we are close to, Respect of all that we knew and Honor to have know them all. 

In the coming years moments from the past four years will be thought often. We may find comfort from memories we have made. We may laugh at the style and trends of the days spent together. Each of us will hear a song and smile. That song will be imprinted on the timeline of our life. We will find it along with faces and names of friends that “laughed until they cried.”.

Dare not ask what our dreams of the future are. I only can imagine that we find our dreams come true wherever we are. Some of us may see Paris at sunset and inspire us to paint like Leonardo da Vinci or sing like Luciano Pavarotti. Some of us may find the Seven Wonders of the World and question them. Will we stand in the middle of Stonehenge and wonder how or stand with our head tilted to look at the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Some of us may never see past the city limit sign. Your dreams are where you are. The wonders of your world not known until they are found. Some may find it in the vows of honor and love in the eyes of God. Some may realize that God has not given up on them in the touch of your new born child.

What ever our dreams may be, they are ours and ours alone.

Our success will be measured in the love of our families and friends and not of money or material things. We will know the value of our self. We will know the true value of a person based on who they are and not what they have. 

This day has been awaiting us. We are proud of how far we have came and who we are. To the ones we are leaving behind remember--- Knowledge and time are a lot alike – they are constantly evolving. Allow your hearts and minds to evolve with the seconds of the hands of time.

In closing, We do not know where each sunrise will lead us but we will be blessed where each sunset finds us.” Haleigh spoke elegantly

“I will listen closely to each name called. I will watch proudly each final walk. You are each walking into life. I want run after you screaming, “Wait! How do I make it to where you are today?”

My adventure has just started. Three years more. What will I do? How do I become the inspiration that you have been to me? How do I follow in your footsteps?

I have to ask. Will you recall Mr. Pates southern voice over the intercom? Or his proud Go Bulldogs speeches at Pep Rallies? Will you remember Mrs. James asking “Where are you suppose to be”? Or maybe the door to her office always is being open for you? 

Will you remember football games, basketball games or girls softball? Will you recall the band kid that seemed odd marching? These are the things that we will remember from this past year, just in case you forget.

Please know that you are leaving people here that love you, respect you and will miss you. In the fall we will wonder who will be there in the halls, the lunchroom or around any corner? You may not remember us but we will remember you. It was you that taught us the truest meaning of the Blue and the Gold. 

I pray that I find myself and my friends where you are today three years from now. I pray that me and my friends are prepared to run into life with out looking back. I pray that we find you somewhere out there when my life’s journey begins. Look for me, I will still be the short one. LOL

I don’t want any of you to leave but I know that you will. Without each of you we will be lost. I will only find you in all the pictures that I have on myspace, Facebook and on my walls. The pictures reflect the beginning of my adventure. The faces smiling, the funny moments captured and people that I will NEVER forget. 

With more than a few tears I will say I will miss you. Each of you have made a difference to someone here. With every memory it is true that we all

“LAUGHED UNTIL WE CRIED”. Caitlin-Marie said.

The last words “Laughed until we cried” would be read by both people.

Laugh until we cried is the 2009 class song


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