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Letters from Myanmar ~ Haircut
Hello all...How are things in the west?? Jonbenet's case is back in the news. On CNN they say Alabama because that frootloop has a connection to the state. When I hear Alabama I can't help but go aaaawwwwww! It's a mention of home and that's nice to hear!
Jennifer, my new housekeeper/nanny has finished her first week with us. I really like her. She almost never says anything to me. She just plays with Zoe, cooks, cleans, washes and irons. I hear her talking to Zoe when she's playing with her. I tell her what to cook and she cooks it. She has worked for Americans and French before so she kinda knows her stuff

She is a good cook and has pretty good English. She doesn't speak much southern, but she's learning. I hope things work out with her. I didn't really realize just how unhappy I was with the last housekeeper was until I hired this one. I'm liking this one so far...I have painted 28 Christmas ornaments, 3 wooden plates, 1 tray, 2 wooden wall hangings, and I've almost finish a candle holder in the past 8 weeks. I have a lot of time on my hands here in Myanmar...By the time I get home, I'll have the kids painted!!! ha ha
Not much happened this weekend. The hightlight of Friday night was when I emptied the ice trays. I know that doesn't sound like much to you all but just think how far ahead of the game I was on Saturday.
Since I had emptied all the ice trays the night before, Saturday was uneventful. I had a really bad sinus headache so I didn't get much accomplished. I laid on the couch most of the day. Turns out several people here at the apartment has got stuffy noses, headaches, and sinus issues. Something's in the air.
Sunday...however, was BIG!!! We had pancakes for breakfast as we discussed the fact that there is only 18 more Sundays left before we are at home. BUT Sunday afternoon I went and had 10 inches cut off of the back of my hair. I have been growing it for quite some time. I realized not too long ago that I would have enough to cut if I just give it a little more time. I had originally planned to grow it the entire time I was in Myanmar and have it cut as soon as I got home but... shortly after arriving here I realized that long hair, heat and humidity just don't mix. So I got out the ruler and had David measure it. He measured a couple of weeks ago and I had 9 3/4 inches. I got onto the internet and
read that I needed a full 10 inches. So I waited and today I went to the salon. I put my hair into a ponytail before I left the apartment. I walked in and told Pat to cut it just above the ponytail holder. She didn't much
want to but I talked her into it. She cut it, handed me 10 full inches of hair, and gave me a really cute, cool do!!! My hair is really short. I'll send my ponytail to Locks for Love when I get home. It was a very exciting day for me today.
Zoe's talking is really coming along. She still doesn't talk as well as Zach did when he was two but she's doing things her way. Her new thing is when you call her name she yells back at you "Do What" It is so funny
to hear "Do What". sometimes the things that comes out of her mouth is just too funny. She is sitting next to me right now eating palmello. Do you know what a palmello is???? It's a local fruit. It looks like a grapefruit. But is much sweeter than a grapefruit. Palmello is in season here right now so we eat a couple of palmellos a week. If you ever get a chance to try one....I would recommend it!!!
Hope you all have a great week. I'll be home in 120 days!!! yeah ME!!! Dannielle

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