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Letters from Myanmar ~ Heading Home Soon 
This has been a weekend not really worth mentioning! Friday night we had spagetti, Saturday night we went to L'Opra and had dinner, and today (Sunday) is David's Sunday to work. The kids and I swam yesterday and we have swam today! Not a whole lot to write about!
However, there is a bit of news! I've been knowing about this news for about three weeks but had to kinda keep it under wraps until we knew what was going down
for sure! David has a new job in Bham and he starts Dec 1!!! So we will be coming home a little early. We've known about the job for a while now. The man in
Bham that hired David knew David through a previous employer and tracked David down here when the position at his company came available. David and
the new company talked via telephone and emails and they hired David starting Dec 1
The problem we've been facing is how to get out of here with as little conflict as possible and preferably with a completion bonus! David has been looking for the right time to tell the boss that he quits. This week he found the right time.
But you all know the boss, I've made mention of him before in my emails! Our plan was for David to work until Nov 15 then for us to fly home, David rest a day or two, and start the new job on Dec 1....Good plan huh?? Yeah, that's not gonna happen! David told the boss that he was moving back home and that he had another job. The boss was better than expected so that was good. The catch is, he will not give david the completion bonus unless david works until Nov 25! I tried not to
get my hopes up but I kinda had it in my head that I might be home for Thanksgiving! This isn't gonna happen. Technically, with David quitting Steve has no obligation to give David his completion bonus and could make us pay for our plane tickets home. The negotiation was that the company would pay but we have to stay until Nov 25. So the news is...we will be home a couple of weeks earlier than first expected. I can't give you an exact date just yet because we don't actually have
our tickets yet. The company is working on getting them but the week of Thanksgiving, as you can imagine, is a little hard to get a flight out with this short of notice!
I'll let you all know the exact date when I know!! Because of jet lag issues and David straight back to work, we need that flight as close to the 25th as possible!! I'll let you know when I know!! You all will just have to save me some dressing and cranberry sauce and pecan pie!! I'll eat the left overs! Can't wait!
Mom gets here on Thursday night (your thursday morning)! We cannot wait! Zach is beside himself...He says he hasn't seen her in a month!!! ha ha We've got big plans for her. Friday night is Mexican Night at the American Club!!! We'll let her sleep and rest on Friday but by 6 she's gotta be up and ready to eat some tacos!!!
There's just nothing like americans eating mexican in burma!!! Everyone needs to experience it at least once!!!
Hope you all have a good week!!! Sorry the emails have been slack...I'll try to work on it!!! Dannielle
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